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DaveC wrote:I've used one of these for years on all my machines...just a few bucks from Amazon


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A lot of times when purging the group head the machine misinterprets my pressing button 1 and 2 as a single press on 1 and goes into my standard coffee brewing routine. Is it alright to instead program button 2 as a 6 second brew without pre infusion? Will it do the same routine as the double button purge?

The Elizabeth is a very nice machine!

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Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I just got my new Elizabeth v3 from 1st Line, along with a William grinder. So far I'm impressed with the Lelit brand. The build quality is good, and both machines are quite substantial/heavy. I think the pair look pretty sharp in my kitchen.

I strongly considered something from Breville before looking at Lelit. First, I looked at the Oracle Touch, then the BDB, but it seemed like a lot of people buy a Breville and then eventually upgrade to something else. I decided to just skip right to Italian-made equipment. It took me a while to get used to the fact that I was going to be spending more on just the grinder than any other piece of coffee equipment I previously owned.

I also have a Jura Impressa E8 super auto that's about a dozen years old and still going strong, but I wanted something to make truly great shots on the weekends. So far I'm impressed with how much better the espresso tastes coming from the Elizabeth! I'm new to semi-autos and still getting the hang of dialing in shots, but I got a lot of good advice reading through the forums here. I'm looking forward to learning more and getting into latte art.

Other stuff I bought as shown in the photo include a Timemore Black Plus scale with timer and a Motta 620 tamper.

The Timemore scale came from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B097SZ7GPF/re ... UTF8&psc=1


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Hey, it's good to see an in-depth discussion on the Elizabeth! I just got mine less than 2 weeks ago, and am still trying to figure out the ins and outs, as well as my workflow. I think I'm not in your guys' league when it comes to technical expertise (I'm upgrading from a Breville Infuser and recently upgraded my grinder to a Eureka Mignon Silenzio, so I have a lot to learn). A few notes from my experience so far:

I have pretty high cabinets (26" from the countertop), and I feel like that's just enough room to pull out the water tank for a refill without moving the machine). I feel like a workaround like the felt pads (or a pitcher) might be necessary for a space any lower.

Speaking of the water tank, I managed to drain it completely by accident while the machine was on, and ended up with an ominous readout on the screen depicting a wrench and a number. I wasn't immediately aware that that's what had happened (on another occasion, I'd gotten the dripping spigot icon, which even I could interpret), and neither the manual nor the Lelit website would tell me what it meant. Eventually I surmised that it was the water level, so I turned off the machine and pulled the tank to find it completely empty. With some trepidation, I refilled it and turned the machine back on: Joy! No wrench icon, just a perfectly functioning machine.

One last note about the portafilter: though it is certainly serviceable and beefy, the plastic handle (like the plastic steam knob) didn't excite me like the rest of the machine-and because I use tall cups for my lattes and the spouts made for a tight fit while pulling the shot-I got a bottomless portafilter from ECM. As you would expect (though 1st Line wouldn't commit to this when I posted the question), the E61 portafilter from ECM fits perfectly, and the Lelit basket fits into the ECM portafilter perfectly, too.

Cheers, everyone.


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Happy Elizabeth v3 owner here! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who's posted in this thread, it's been really informative and useful. Cheers!


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scrane wrote:A lot of times when purging the group head the machine misinterprets my pressing button 1 and 2 as a single press on 1 and goes into my standard coffee brewing routine. Is it alright to instead program button 2 as a 6 second brew without pre infusion? Will it do the same routine as the double button purge?
I've found that I can prevent this from happening by first holding down button one and then quickly pressing button two, rather than trying to press the two buttons at the same time. (Similarly, the most reliable way to start the backflush cycle is to hold down button one and then press button three instead of trying to press them together.)

However, there isn't anything wrong with programming button two with a short brew time to serve as a purge button - this is how I have my machine set up. Hope this helps.


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Hi everyone. New to posting on the forum but a long time reader. Recently received my Lelit Elizabeth V3 and Eureka Mignon. I am still on the learning path, but so far I am well impressed with the machine. Thanks to all who contributed in this thread, which had a strong influence on my decision.

Pic is from unboxing day

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Does anyone know what size screwdriver to use to remove shower screen? I listened to part of a youtube & sounded like 3 something allen key. Help. Thanks. NEVERMIND----figured it out. It is a 3ml allen key.

chanty 77

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Any ideas on how you all clean and how often the water reservoir? I'm thinking a bottle brush (a small one to get inside the tank since it is such a small opening) The tank is the ONLY thing I dislike about this machine. It would be nice if the machine vendors would reach out to Lelit and push them to make an open tank water reservoir. I haven't cleaned it since I got this machine and started using it June 30th. Probably not a good thing. It is a pain in the butt getting it out of the top of the machine for one ( because my machine sits pretty much under cupboards. Then to clean the inside with that little opening. Thanks (Hopefully someone will see this). This generated a lot of pages, but hardly any lately.


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