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#241: Post by Emdh »

Thanks so much for posting these instructions. Due to hard water I descaled my Gaggia Classic Pro monthly before I moved up to the Elizabeth 3 months ago, so the Lelit instructions never to descale seemed very odd, even with using and replacing the in-tank filter. I'm marking my calendar now to do it next March!


#242: Post by nova »

domes wrote:Only speculation on my part as I don't know if there will be a v4. Hoping some have heard some rumors as I have read of none.
Lelit support said that they have no plans for v4.

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#243: Post by scrane »

domes wrote:The endless waiting for the Elizabeth to be in stock....how many are moving on to a different machine that is available? I am holding steady for now but what are the chances a version 4 is around the corner in September? What features or updates would you like to see implemented? Better steam knob has been mentioned and I have thought the water tank could be improved with open top and handles. Anything in the LCC that could be improved?
I just put in my pre-order for an Elizabeth. Honestly nothing looks better to me for the price. It seems the LE is now available in the UK, so I think the US will not be far behind. Word is the end of June.


#244: Post by scrane »

Pre orders now being accepted by 1st_Line and Comiso Coffee for June (?) delivery.


#245: Post by leeloff »

I just ordered mine today- so excited


#246: Post by jayy42 »

Also got in on the 1st Line June pre-order. I was tempted by a scratch and dent Silvia pro at 1st line for $1099, but I hesitated because I am still intrigued by the pre-infusion capabilities of the Lelit and someone else bought it. I think I will be happy with the Elizabeth in the long run though.


#247: Post by domes »

In all the waiting I have since grown fond of the MaraX. I am now undecided at the wrong time. :(

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#248: Post by domes »

With regret, I broke up with Mara and decided to enthusiastically hug Elizabeth. Pre-order in!