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#221: Post by skansen »

Pflunz wrote:You can drain it like here:
Yes, it will drain the steam boiler.
But as I understood the idea was to drain the steam boiler before turning steam boiler OFF.
When you drain the boiler like in this video, machine will fill steam boiler again after turning machine back ON.
With steam boiler switched OFF (economy mode) you cannot drain steam boiler like in the video - water to the tap will go from coffee boiler...

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#222: Post by rustynail »

I am looking to "upgrade" to the Elizabeth v3 (or perhaps a La Spaziale LUCCA A53) from a BDB, I won't pollute this thread with all of the things I despise about the BDB. I've owned a BDB ("a", because I've owned more than one due to their problems) for about 7 years and am looking for something that doesn't cost $500 and going without a machine every year or two to have it repaired to serviceable condition.

I want double boiler, though we only make milk drinks on weekends. Need a good hot water dispenser, a we drink Americanos and also use the hot water to make my daughter's breakfast. We normally make 2 double-shot drinks each day, some days that is 4 double-shot drinks. We might use the how water dispenser to make tea, and the breakfast I mentioned.

The BDB did an OK job, when it is working, at making espresso. I found the steam to be leaving something to be desired, hot water dispenser to be adequate. The ability to view and fill the water tank from the front is great...and I realize this is something I would lose on the Elizabeth. I am OK with a plumbed unit, if I get the Elizabeth I will be moving it to not have to manually fill the tank ever again.

I've read mixed info on descaling the Elizabeth, apparently the manual states to never put descaling agents in the water tank...however the vendors that carry it offer descaling instructions. So which is it, do you descale or are you forbidden from it? Perhaps the manual entry is to prevent someone from putting concentrated descaler fluid into the water tank and damaging it.

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#223: Post by skansen »

Lelit published official procedure for descaling Elizabeth, please find below.


#224: Post by aneks1 »

I'm super happy with my Elizabeth but would kind of like a more attractive steam knob.

I've made 3 designs and was looking for feedback from owners as to which they think would be best.

Please reply with feedback or suggestions or which option you prefer.

Once I have tested a resin prototype I'll be looking at getting something Cnc'ed in wood.

Also happy to share the stl once I've tested it.

(Not matched to measurements yet)


#225: Post by McDoogle »

Has anyone found a good solution for the loose steam wand? I find steaming to be particularly difficult with this machine because even the slightest nudge with the pitcher will alter the positioning of the wand (which should be the control variable in any steaming procedure imo).


#226: Post by hajinima »

I like A :)


#227: Post by domes »

The plastic water container design compared to the MaraX seems like a negative or at least room for improvement. MaraX: wide open entire length at top for easy refilling and cleaning, handles for easy lifting and placing back in place. Elizabeth: tiny hole for refilling requiring funnel, can't clean interior with sponge, method of removing and placing back into machine, place your fingers inside. For all the great tech in the Elizabeth, why don't they use the MaraX container? I would think cheaper manufacturing costs to use parts across machines.

How are people cleaning the container? Does the top snap off? Fill up with water and a drop of dish soap and just rinse out a few times? Maybe this is really minor issue but Elizabeth checks so many boxes except this one for me.

Anyone doing the de-scaling procedure once a year? Easy other than time consuming?

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#228: Post by skansen »

domes wrote:why don't they use the MaraX container?
Mara-X is newer design and uses "new" water container. Water intake in "new" container is located on the bottom of the container. Elizabeth use "old" water tank. "Old" tanks are installed in all 50s machines and VIPline machines. Those machines have two pipes inserted in to the top of the tank. It is area for future improvement.
domes wrote:How are people cleaning the container? Does the top snap off? Fill up with water and a drop of dish soap and just rinse out a few times? Maybe this is really minor issue but Elizabeth checks so many boxes except this one for me.
You can buy (or make) tank like this:
https://espressokultur.at/produkt/lelit ... -und-pl92/
domes wrote:Anyone doing the de-scaling procedure once a year? Easy other than time consuming?
I have done. Easy but time consuming.


#229: Post by domes »

Thanks. The modified custom tank option is interesting! The intake on the bottom would definitely require a larger design change on the Elizabeth. Maybe in a future revision but I can see how in different line of machines the design difference exists. With the price similar I guess my expectations are a little out of line. Perhaps the placement of the opening and size is important for the tubes being positioned for best operation on the Elizabeth. With all the other features on the Elizabeth I am not finding another machine that really evenly competes with it for the price and it having the quiet pump from MaraX is a big plus. Lelit looks committed to improving it with 3 recent revisions as well with other companies designs or features not changing for years. I'm still in the Lelit corner. :)


#230: Post by andrewjames »

Does anyone know what size the screw is holding the dispersion unit and shower screen to the grouphead is? I seem to have lost mine cleaning everything yesterday and it's too cheap for 1-st line to sell me on its own. The part number is MC752-10, but none of the sellers list the actual size of the screw.