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Need help with equipment usage or want to share your latest discovery?

#211: Post by greminn »

greminn wrote:Many thanks for your suggestion. This has made a good difference (at 2 ATM), so will now start to play around knowing the variables. Cheers!
Update on this - still had a bit of bitterness at 2 seconds. Turned it off all together and we are YUM!


#212: Post by hajinima »

I am new to all of this, but I feel like I am having an issue with brewing temperature stability. I have changed the setting in the advanced menu where the LCC shows the actual temperature instead of the set temperature. After pulling one-shot the temperature drops pretty significantly( going from 94 to 89 C) and does not recover quickly. Is this Normal ? and does that mean I have to wait until the temperature recovers to the set temperature before the next shot?

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#213: Post by Hklam1987 »

Hello all, long time lurker and finally need to post for help;
My steam boiler all the sudden stopped working, it's not heating up and not sucking in any water, the water button doesn't do anything. I noticed something was wrong as I was pulling my shot like my daily routine and my steam boiler temperature has been stuck at 80~90C- does anyone know what's going on?


#214: Post by flight34 »

HKlam, I have the same issue: steam boiler just stopped working. Would not even start to increase in temperature. I brought it back to the dealer for repair. It happened after 300 shots. Only debugging I tried (apart from power cycle, economy mode on / off), was to do the reset on the Gicar controller by power off, holding +, and powering on. But still no luck.

Did your steam boiler issue get resolved?


#215: Post by Hklam1987 »

Hello @flight34; I opened the lid and squeezed out some excess water inside the hose- the only other thing is there seem to be 2 yellow pushable buttons between the wiring on top of the steamer(there are 2)...I don't know if I describe it right or if it's even just something to hold the wire in place, but all I did was to hit those 2 buttons before closing the lid.

Other than that I waited almost all day and let the machine completely cools down before rebooting, and all of a sudden everything is heating up accordingly. I feel like it's a bug for the LCC for safety where it shuts down the boilers when the water is low because that's what happened before the steam boiler died temporarily.


#216: Post by krousti »

Has anyone upgrade the lcc to the new version on this machine ? People have done it on the Bianca but not sure for the Elizabeth.


#217: Post by GEGIJr »

I am considering either the Victoria or Elizabeth. My current equipment is a single boiler I've had for 8 years. It is adequate but it doesn't allow for temperature adjustment and doesn't have shot clock. The dual boiler is less of a concern for me because I only make an occasional (1 every couple months, maybe). I have also upgraded my 8 year old grinder.
Have you all had good experience with the Elizabeth V3? Is it truly quieter with new pump? Can someone explain the reason for being able to turn off steam boiler? Does steam boiler have to be drained prior to turning off or does it automatically drain?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

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#218: Post by skansen »

GEGIJr wrote:Can someone explain the reason for being able to turn off steam boiler? Does steam boiler have to be drained prior to turning off or does it automatically drain?
With steam boiler turned off Elizabeth will consume less energy. It is not possible to drain boiler without opening the machine... There is no need to drain it before switching off.


#219: Post by Pflunz » replying to skansen »

You can drain it like here:


#220: Post by greminn »

Has anyone looked at changing the steam tip? Was trying to find something with 3 or 4 smaller holes.