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Hello, I recently bought a Lelit Elizabeth (it's my first machine), and I'm wondering how long I should expect it to take for the boiler to recover after pulling a shot. I set my advanced LCC settings to the recommended ones from Dave Corbey (https://sway.office.com/S5J4d9Jp4Y9LdVFx), and it seems to take quite awhile for the temperature to recover after I pull a shot - I have my brew boiler set to 92c, and after pulling, the temp appears to creep down for a good 10 minutes until it hits something like 79-80c, then finally climbs back up. Is that normal? I thought part of the advantage of a dual boiler machine was that it could pull back to back shots, but this seems extremely slow. Should I go back to the default settings? Has anyone made any tweaks to the LCC parameters that they think work better?


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Something's wrong. I have my setpoint at 93*. If I pull a shot's worth of water from the brew boiler the temp drops to 87* and immediately ramps up and reaches 93* within two minutes. I am running Dave Corbey's parameters.
So, either double check the parameters you entered or factory reset your machine to standard settings.

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After watching my machine for awhile longer, I think something different than I was initially describing is happening. The heat doesn't drop immediately after pulling a shot; instead, it seems to sit at the set temp for awhile, but after sitting idle, eventually the temperature starts slowly dropping until it is 9c lower than set (so the boiler kicks in at 83 if set to 92, 84 if set to 93). Once the boiler kicks in the temp rapidly goes back up to the set temp, stays there for awhile, and then after awhile it starts to dip again. I called Comiso Coffee (where I bought the unit), and the guy I talked to said this behavior was normal, but I was under the impression that the PID is supposed to keep the temperature much closer to the set temp. Is it possible I have some sort of power saving mode on which is causing the boiler to stay off during idle time? This is extremely annoying when, say, I walk up to the machine wanting to pull a shot and it's at 89c and I have to wait for it to fall 5c and then turn the boiler on.


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Doesn't sound normal to me. Drop to 84* before the PID kicks in? As I said, my machine initiates setpoint recovery immediately. Copy down your recipes and do a factory reset.
Anyone else track temps on the Elizabeth?

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I spoke to the seller again, and he said the issue might be that I'm running the unit all day on a smart plug. He said the unit is not designed to hold a temp all day, and that after awhile, I will see dips like I am describing. Is this accurate? Do you keep your unit running throughout the day, or just turn it on when you want a coffee?


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I run mine on the eco setting. I will turn the system on by pressing button one and the machine will automatically power down after 1/2 hour.


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I misspoke. I meant energy saving mode.
https://www.1st-line.com/technical-supp ... elizabeth/

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That makes sense. I lowered the steam temp from 145c to 135c, and put it into energy saver mode, since it seems to warm up pretty quickly. It seems to have fewer issues, although obv in energy saver mode I'm not pushing it for more than 30 mins at a time. I suspect it's a combination of operating on lower US voltage plus maxing out the steam temp that might be causing the system to occasionally have to prioritize steaming over maintaining brew temp.