Lelit Bianca vs ECM Synchronika (Power Supply)

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Hello wise people.

I am currently living in the US and thinking about upgrading my espresso machine. I am deciding between the Lelit Bianca and the ECM Synchronika machines.

I have plans to move back to Australia in Jan 2022, and wondering if anyone in the forum has any experience with changing the power supply from 120V to 240 volts?

Any help/feedback will be greatly appreciated !


Tony C.

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Hi Abhi,

I've encountered the same situation whereas I'm moving from Germany back to the US. My advice would be keep your current machine just a bit longer and wait until you actually move back. Sell your old machine right before you move and then buy a new machine in Australia. It would be different if you wanted to buy a US manufactured machine but both of those you mentioned are not. You will also have less to pack and no need to worry about damage. I'm actually aware of a reliable ECM distributor in Australia if you choose the Synchronika. Good luck!

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I have to agree with Tony C.
Neither of those machines plug in through a "power supply", their transformer is a part of the powerboard inside the control box. And that just provides the power for the box itself, the machine's components all run on mains voltage so to change the machine you'd be changing the solenoid valves, heating elements, pump-motor (very expensive) along with the control box. It would be far cheaper to buy the 240V machine now, and either run it from a 220V outlet in your kitchen, or buy a 3000W transformer to run it off of until you move.
Or buy some little disposable and wait until you move to get a machine you want.

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I agree with the above. While you can convert an espresso machine from 120V to 220V, it's not cheap or easy. If you use a transformer in another country, keep in mind that the espresso machine is basically unsellable there since no buyer wants to deal with a big, heavy, ugly transformer. When I returned to the US after living in France, I sold all our local appliances and transformers to incoming expats.
Dan Kehn

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HB wrote:I sold all our local appliances and transformers to incoming expats.
^^^This! When we moved to Singapore, we sold out in Canada, moving with very few items in storage (just things with personal significance) and took fewer still with us (and a bag of money :wink:). When we moved back to Canada some 15-years later, we did the same thing. No transformers, no messing about with conversions. Everything nice and new at the new location, under warranty yada, yada. It cost a bit more to do it this way, but we're glad we did it.