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Doesn't the paddle open beyond the 180 degrees? Can't you remove the paddle and continue turning?

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Ok I see you are correct now. I would have to move the microswitch on my v2 to get a middle position if I wanted one. No idea why you would, when you have a paddle though.

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Several reasons it's beneficial:

1. It's more convenient. Your hand is already on the lever. All you need to do is move it down a bit to start blooming. With the paddle you need to move it all the way from 2 o'clock to 10 o'clock.
2. It stops the pump. Having the pump idle during blooming is a lot more pleasant than hearing it work and achieving nothing. This is even more significant if you're doing very long blooming.
3. You can prepare the paddle to your desired flow rate at the beginning of extraction (post bloom phase) and don't have to adjust it in real time.

None of these reasons are a game changer, but still there's absolutely no reason for Lelit to configure the machine in a way that takes away functionality. It's just silly.

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boren wrote:When fully open (which is actually more like 2 o'clock) the water debit of a stock Bianca is about 6.5 ml/s. In a Bianca where maximum pump pressure was adjusted down from 10 bar to 9 bar (like mine) it's about 5.2 ml/s. To me me this is pretty much optimal rate - on one hand it gets the puck saturated fast enough so that there's no significant difference in extraction between the lower and upper parts, while on the other hand it's low enough to reduce the chance of channeling. It's not Slayer-slow (1-2 ml/s during pre-infusion), but for those who want that the the Bianca v3 Low Flow mode is close enough, at 3 ml/s (probably a bit more on a stock Bianca).

An interesting question is what would be a better approach for Lelit to take for users who want higher debit? One option is to increase the travel of the paddle to go beyond 2 o'clock, but the other option is to use a "faster" thread that gets to the absolute maximum at the same 2 o'clock position. This would mean it would be more difficult to control it accurately, but I would assume it would still be easier than on a GS3.
Adding the third water path, aka 'High Flow', would probably be the easiest solution. It would also provide an upgrade path for existing Lelit Bianca owners.

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Any idea or word if lelit will have a V4 out anytime soon?