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Ursego wrote:I gave up pre-infusion and prefer the "blooming profile" (5 sec of full flow, then fully close for 30 sec, then fully open).
That's why I wrote that 20 seconds is too short. You could potentially accomplish the same steps by programming the machine pre-infusion options, but there's no way to set a 30 seconds pause (20 is the maximum). At least not with the current firmware. This should be trivial for Lelit to add.

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boren wrote: Maximum pressure is calibrated to 10 bar out of the box. Reducing it to 9 bar or less video using a 10mm and 14mm wrenches, via an adjustment screw and a locking nut at the bottom of the machine. It's not as accessible or an elegant solution as the OPV adjustment in my previous machine, which required nothing but a coin. Personally, I decided not to mess with this for now and keep the option of increasing pressure beyond the optimum.
Update: I reduced it to 9 bar and intend to keep it that way. The upside is that, if I want, I can get classic 9 bar shots without touching the flow control. The downside is that maintaining 9 bar throughout the shot is no longer possible. If the flow control is fully open and pressure reduces to 8 bar due to puck degradation there's no way to increase it back to 9.