Lelit Bianca V3 - is the Solenoid valve adjustable, DIY upgrade?

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Hoping the valve is adjustable. From the videos from Lelit it doesn't seem to be, but I don't have one to take apart. I did some searching on their parts diagram and it looks like basically a dual circuit solenoid, ie one for low flow and one for normal flow. I cannot find a pic of the US spec part, the European one is pictured here:

If not, I would assume one could basically take two full flow solenoids and put a needle valve after one and fundamentally mod their E61 into slayer like adjustability?

Asking as I am contemplating either upgrading my machine with some DIY mods or replacing it. For the SO I need something "automated" and not another lever to pull. Couldn't find any details on what Lelit is doing and figured I am not the only one who is interested.

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BaristaBoy E61

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Looks like it's a binary choice of either full opened or full closed but I like the idea of an inline needle valve.
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Deephaven (original poster)

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Based on the 1st line video I just saw the second solenoid is for returning water to the steam boiler. I would assume then this isn't related to the low flow setting. Curious how it is done? Anyone have thoughts?