Lelit Bianca V3: Is it practical to use the paddle and low profile mode?

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#1: Post by boren »

I just received my Bianca V3 and I'm still learning to use it (the instructions manual isn't great to say the least). After watching some youtube clips I managed to create an electronic profile which makes sense to me and delivers pretty good results: 3 second low pressure pre-infusion -> 5 seconds wait (pump off) -> 7 seconds extraction at 4 bar -> 10 seconds extraction at 9 bar -> reduce 4 bar for the rest of extraction (until I lower the lever).

The flow control paddle isn't needed in this electronically controlled profile so I just leave it fully open (all the way to the right). The question is - if I want to execute a different profile using the paddle (e.g. one with very long pre-infusion), do I need to go through the settings to disable all the automated pre-infusion and low pressure phases, or is there a way to quickly override them? I assume the answer is no, but just want to be certain. It's not a huge deal if this isn't possible. I'll probably just try to prefect the electronic profile on the Bianca and use the Flair 58 for more sophisticated manual profiles.


#2: Post by DanDaMan »


Did you ever find out if you could temporarily override the electronic profile using the manual lever? Without needing to go into menus etc...