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baristainzmking wrote:Last night after pulling my shots and making a couple of flat whites, I noticed the condensation behind my pressure gage. Is this normal? It doesn't seem to me that it should be happening with a new machine....

nope, not normal, it means the bourdon tube in the gauge is leaking and misting up the gauge glass inside. You need a replacement gauge from the retailer and it's a few minutes work to fit it.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I am about to contact the seller. What does the gage need to come with? What should've included with the assembly?



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You don't need anything but the gauge and a bit of PTFE tape. It's an easy job, don't worry about it...just remember with PTFE it's not about how tight the gauge is, get it upright and as long as it's in most of the way...it will be fine.

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From my experiece PTFE tape is not necessary on gauge threads as there are some gaskets holding the watter pressure. From factory there is no tape at all.
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Sorry, I could not find this in the manual of course, but is it possible to run Binaca directly from a 10L water dispenser bottle? My idea is to mix TWW mix directly in that water bottle and keep it under the table as a tank, but have no idea how to do it?

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Hi guys,

What are some of your favorite profiles? Do you use the programmable pre-infusion, just the manual paddle or both?


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Just used the Fluke rig pictured below to check temp at the head and adjust the Ec. Needed to adjust the Ec to 13. Temp at the head is now running beautifully stable at the set PID temp.


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kidloco wrote: Should we maybe open a thread just with pulling profiles for Bianca and results, something like coffee/roast level/ temperature / pressure profile described and result?
Great Idea! I see more people are interested in this. Who's willing to start? :)

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Already happened. :wink:

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