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#681: Post by Misiak »

What about to look at the grinder first ? :) I'm sure it's not the bianca.
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#682: Post by another_jim »

The most basic thing is if the shot is "too ..." (i.e. too much of anything); grind finer. With light roasts, there is no point even wating your time on coarse grinds, start the finest grind you use, and get finer. The major point of having the Bianca is that no matter how fine you grind, yoi can oreinfuse long enough to make the shot flow.

Once the shot gets boring instead of too ...; you may grind coarser.

I think I'll create a bot that keeps posting this advice at regular random intervals. For some reason, no matter how many times people read that they should grind 3rd wave coffees really, really fine, they don't.
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#683: Post by Rytopa »

Is your coffee from nylon coffee roasters?


#684: Post by kidloco » replying to Rytopa »

I use either common man, or perk.

@jim of to grind finer! Thx!


#685: Post by kidloco »

another_jim wrote:I'm planning a video showing how to pull the three main styles of espresso shot (Italian, Seattle, Third Wave). This will include coffee choices, grind settings, dosing, basket choices and machine configurations. Since the Bianca is so easy to reconfigure; I'll be able to shoot it in my one take, what director?, what storyboard? style. But it's still going to take a few weeks of planning to get done.
I am are these videos published? Not pressuring just asking if I missed them? :mrgreen:

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#686: Post by another_jim »

Not yet
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#687: Post by slybarman »

another_jim wrote:Not me, but do you see water dripping from the spout? If you do, it my be the OPV/safety on the brew boiler. It should be set high, around 12 bar, and only open only when the machine is turned off and on, as the water pressure changes due to the heat up/cool down.
I got the vibration again when back flushing on Sunday. I checked and did not see any water coming from the little drain spout, so I don't think that is the issue. I will make a short video next time and see if the sound offers any clues.


#688: Post by kidloco »

I just ordered TWW for espresso and some distilled water...why, I don't know I am guessing I just want to try. I was using Brita filter water up until now, and I have Lelit softener build in the tank...Singapore water is already on the softer side.

Any of you guys using TWW with Bianca, and I don't understand, should I remove softener from the tank then or not?

I feel completely overwhelmed with everything since I got this machine :) Next week I am ordering some dark roast and just drinking old school E61 shots... I can't settle with anything, I try the shot - yes it is ok - BUT CAN I MAKE IT BETTER? It was so easy when you were able to choke the machine (oh it is to fine grind, move back!), using espresso 101 picture sour/bitter as a guide dial in and drink coffee...


#689: Post by Orcasite »

I have read DaveC's comment on the maintenance of the O rings in the Bianca with great interest, as I was unaware of the need to lubricate them. That led me to face the fact that my previous experience with regular machine maintenance was with an older E61 single boiler unit and I don't presently have a clear picture of the added maintenance requirements of the Bianca. I wonder if those with more experience (like DaveC or others) can outline their maintenance routine and the appropriate timing for each maintenance item for those of us who want to keep Bianca functioning well?

In appreciation of your help... thanks.

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#690: Post by baristainzmking »

Last night after pulling my shots and making a couple of flat whites, I noticed the condensation behind my pressure gage. Is this normal? It doesn't seem to me that it should be happening with a new machine....