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My Bianca is plumbed in and I have a pressure reducing valve, what should my pressure be set to? I read under 2 bar in some places and more in others.

I'm not sure what I'm set to as it creeps up, after I activate the pump it's under 2 bar on the Bianca gauge, then while idling it creeps up to around 4 bar.

My pipe work is 1/4 from the filter with a saddle valve on to my main cold water, is this ok?

Basically my setup is the cold water feed to my sink tap has a saddle valve, the type where a small pin makes a little hole in the copper pipe and clamps over it, then 1/4 tubing to my Claris ultra filter, to pressure reducing valve, to water flow meter and then to the Bianca water connection with no braided hose in use.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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skansen wrote:I'm also not sure what the problem exactly is, so I think that he can check it :)

My DB have smaller boilers. It's working wohole day (not night) only during weekends. When I compared power consumption with and without energy saving mode difference was about ~30%.

During weekends my machine is working from ~8:00 until ~18:00. What I'm enjoying is that it's immediately ready for coffee brewing and well heated...
I thought I explained this well enough but here goes.

The reason not to use the Bianca's power save mode is the machine does not heat up properly from that mode. Please refer to earlier posts in this thread. Given that, let's say you now want to control it with a Wemo instead.

You want to use the Wemo mini plug (not the Wemo Insight plug) as the mini is a simple on/off timer, it does not monitor power. When you have a timer set in the Wemo app to turn the Bianca off after a certain time it will work just fine with the mini plug.

With the Wemo Insight plug it operates differently. The Insight plug monitors power, and if it senses that the machine is using less than the set minimum power threshhold (the lowest you can set it in the app is 2W) it will treat the Bianca as being in "standby mode". When it makes that determination any timer you have will be reset and begin again. The Bianca often falls below 2W when it is not heating the boilers, resulting in the Insight plug thinking it is in standby mode and therefore the timer resets. As a result the timer never actually works. I presume this would be true with the majority of espresso machines, not just the Bianca, and there are threads on other forums that mention this same issue.

I had the same issue with an air compressor I have in my garage which supplies compressed air to the tonearm on my vinyl turntable (complicated audiophile setup that I won't go into). I had that on a Wemo Insight plug as well and set a timer for it to turn off after it has been on for a certain time period, but that timer would keep resetting as well because after the compressor runs and fills itself with air it stops using any power until the air has been run down and it fills itself up again. So again the same issue with the Insight plug it would reset the timer when the compressor stopped using power so the timer would never actually work. Replaced that Insight plug with a mini plug and the issue went away.

Hope that is clear enough this time.

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thm655321 wrote:I thought I explained this well enough but here goes.
Thank you for detailed explanation. I think that you can try switch off energy saving mode (via LCC).


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To: thm655321,
I don't doubt either your experience regarding your WEMO's behavior nor your good intentions to offer useful information and help to others who want to put their machine on a WEMO, but my WEMO smart plug behaves differently than yours. I have never put my Bianca into the power=saving mode, and when it is fully warmed up and idling, my WEMO reports that it using less than 2W (it shows the following: <2W). It has never reset on me and has worked perfectly, turning on the machine at the time I have chosen, and turning it off a few hours later for over a month now.

Since our experiences are different and we have no other reports from other users with the same setup, I don't know if it is your WEMO or mine that is behaving normally or abnormally.

No matter what, I am pleased that you have found a good solution, as the convenience of waking up to a ready-to-go machine is truly wonderful....


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Thanks for that link - clearly another person has had the same experience as you and that suggests that your problem with the WEMO is real and my experience with it may be the outlier. One difference I noted is that both you and the earlier poster had put their Bianca into the power-saving mode, while I have never done that. Do you think that may play a role in our different experiences?


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I doubt that is the issue as I turned off the Bianca's standby power mode and still had the issue, but you could try it and see.

Also my Wemo is plugged into brand new 20 amp electric wiring for our new kitchen renovation. It could be that older wiring is noisier and the Wemo thinks that the wattage is greater than it actually is. Of course I am completely guessing here as I am no electrician.


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Thanks. I think that I will let well-enough alone and not test my WEMO as you suggest, following the adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

I am perfectly happy with my WEMO's present behavior, but now feel, thanks to your info, well-prepared to understand what needs to be done if it starts to misbehave in the way you have experienced.


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Misiak wrote:Good luck. My wife was bitching on me as well but only till the moment I made her a cup of coffee with this machine :D
Got it tonight. Omg she is beautiful. Pulled one double shot just to try it: 94 C, light/medium roast Samambaia natural Brazil. I tried 18g 36 out, automatic preinfusion 5 on 15 of, started at 11 bar after gradually reducing to 8 and then 6...Why I did it like that have no idea, but it got me thinking: should we maybe open a thread just with pulling profiles for Bianca and results, something like coffee/roast level/ temperature / pressure profile described and result?

My cup was fairly balanced, clean much less agressive then usual but not bland, slightly bitter is but not in a bad way. I have some washed Columbia risaralda beans to play tomorrow. This is my first machine with rotary pump I am amazed how quiet it is!


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mohninme wrote:Has anybody had an issue with the lower oring seal inside the profiling valve failing? I have been loosing flow intermittently to the point where it would almost drop to nothing. I would pull the valve and would find nothing there. I would clean the screen, polish the needle on the valve and in some cases pull the gicleur for inspection and cleaning. After putting it back together it would work fine again. The issue became more and more problematic to the point where I would only get a half a dozen shots. The last time, I pulled apart, I found a small black sliver of something so I pulled apart the valve itself and found the lower oring was coming apart on the outer edges. I could see where many small bits had come away and had caused the plugged gicleur. All the other parts and surfaces looked perfect. I replaced the oring with a spare and it hasn't missed a beat since. The valve has been in service for 7 months.
I would expect this in 6 or 7 months if you never lubricate the valve. My recommendation is to regularly lube those O rings. Every 3-6 months depending on usage. I have recommended that change to a Viton ring, which will help somewhat (especially installation on HX machines), but they will still need regular lubrication

https://coffeeequipmentreviews.wordpres ... valve-kit/
https://wordpress.com/block-editor/post ... ss.com/980

oh if you do want to buy FKM/Viton O rings for it the size of the OEM O rings are ID 6.07 x 1.78mm thick. I would imagine any of the 150 piece O ring kits on Amazon or the bay will have something that fits....in a pinch you can use Nitrile, but it's temp resistance isn't quite as high as EDPM.