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#2231: Post by nick_111 »

A question for Bianca owners who have experimented with different shower screens than the stock one: have you found a shower screen that you would recommend and consider a definite upgrade ?

I don't have any particular problem with the stock shower screen, but I was just wondering if there is something even better.

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#2232: Post by lukeap69 »

I did and went back to the stock screen. The stock shower screen is really good and it is easy to clean. I don't see any benefit in replacing it.

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#2233: Post by boren »

Graham J wrote:.Checking torque with a traceable calibrated wrench, before disassembly, I found the torque settings used to be low, at 6-8 Nm for the metering valve chamber sleeve nut and 8-10 Nm for the Mushroom sleeve nut. These values make sense for the moulded polymer washers used, which are of high quality. stepped as required. I rebuilt the assembly to these torque values with a smear of HT silicone grease.
Is there any way to mimic these torques without a torque wrench?

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#2234: Post by pablobell »

Yup, work at a bike shop for 5 years to develop a feel for it.

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#2235: Post by boren »

Jeff wrote:I'm a huge fan of Knipex plier-wrenches. I won't say that the don't ever slip, but their design is such that I don't worry about it any more. If you wanted, you could use some paper between the jaws and the chrome. I've used them on my E61 groups without incident that I've noticed. Knipex 86-05-180 fits many things (up to 35 mm), 86-05-250 fits the big mushroom nut.
According to Knipex the 180 model is supposed to be compatible with nuts up to 40mm in size. Isn't this suitable for the E61 mushroom?

https://www.knipex.com/products/pipe-wr ... ol/8603180

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#2236: Post by Jeff »

My 86-05-180 has 35 mm 1 3/8" cast into it. It is, uh, "a few" years old, so it may have changed in the time that has past.

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Hi all,
I moved recently and lost the small plastic washer that connects the direct plumbed water line to the bottom of the machine. Anyone know if this is an easy part to find? I checked the manual and couldn't find that part listed and am not sure what exactly to search for or the dimensions. Any help much appreciated

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#2238: Post by VirTERM replying to Coffeebeanzzz »

Open a ticket directly with Lelit through their web site. They are very helpful

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#2239: Post by JRising »

Part# 8700013 "Teflon Washer"

You might want to try Edika in Montreal, if you're not getting far with Lelit themselves. (514) 374-0683

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#2240: Post by Coffeebeanzzz »

Thank you that's exactly what I needed