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#2021: Post by boren »

Can anyone explain how the V3 Temperature Offset feature works (and is implemented under the hood)? This is how it's described in the extended Bianca manual:

It's not clear to me how can the Bianca increase or decrease the water temperature coming out of the grouphead. If the boiler is the only source of the water then it can't possibly be heated (let alone cooled down) within seconds to meet the required offset.

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#2022: Post by slybarman »

water at the brew head is not the exact same temperature as the water at the boiler. it cools some as it goes through circuit and into the e61.

the offset just allows you to account for that difference.


#2023: Post by boren »

@slybarman - what you're describing is just the offset value configurable on most PID machines. This isn't the offset Lelit is claiming here. Unless I and others are misreading what they are suggesting, it's supposed to be a value that changes gradually "during coffee brewing", not a static value that's intended to compensate between the boiler and brewing temperature. Similar in concept to how Decent machines allow temperature to be changed during extraction. Or maybe I am misreading this. I'm not aware of any hardware changes that would allow such immediate and gradual change to brew temperature.

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#2024: Post by slybarman »

I could be wrong, but i think it is a) not written super well and b) you are reading more into it than what they intended.

i believe they are referring to the same offset as any other PID


#2025: Post by boren »

It turns out I wasn't actually reading too much into it. Changing brew temperature during extraction is what Lelit claims this feature does. See the following video, 1:24 in:
Personally, I'm very skeptical that turning the heating element or not during a ~30 second extraction can make any meaningful difference in temperature. The Bianca has an 800 ml boiler and a 1400W heating element (1000W in the 120V version), so maybe someone can calculate how fast can it actually increase temperature. I assume calculating how fast can will boiler temperature drop if the heating element isn't turned on is more difficult to calculate and depends a lot on insulation.

In any case, my hunch is that this feature cannot deliver on what it aims to do. I have a V3 Bianca, so maybe I'll just test the two extremes (min vs max offset) and see if I can detect any difference in temperature.

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#2026: Post by slybarman »

hmm, ok. first I've heard of that. i guess it's a V3 thing.


#2027: Post by corffee_beanz »

FWIW: Lance Hedrick covered this at length in his v3 review. TL;DW - swing and a miss. When measured with a scace it made little difference


#2028: Post by PistolPeteJR »

Struggling between a Bianca open box model from a known retailer @ $3,200 CAD before taxes and a used DE1PRO in pristine condition (purchased 9 months ago) for roughly $4,500 CAD...

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#2029: Post by Dubai Coffee Guy »


I just upgraded to a Lelit Bianca v3 (from a mara x with flow control). Firstly - night and day difference between machines!

But I am wondering if anyone else is having an issue of a waiting time in between shots.
After pulling any shot the temperature is flashing with a progress bar below it typically lasting 2-3 minutes. I never had this issue on the mara x where I would frequently pull 5-6 shots back to back.

Currently my machine is set to 92 Cente grade with a temp offset of +8.
I tried lowering the temp offset and the issue persists.
This happens on all shots lasting more then 10s

Any thoughts?

Team HB

#2030: Post by JRising »

What you're saying when you say "92C with an offset of 8) is a boiler temp of exactly (sea-level) boiling temp. You really will have better results allowing the boiler to be slightly above "boiling". If you want to keep the "warm 92" as the displayed temperature, perhaps raise the offset to 12, let the boiler heat the water to 104C, it will be better able to thermosiphon and may greatly improve the flavour of your drinks. That's my opinion, anyway. Perhaps I just don't understand what you're trying to do with barelyboiling settings. I think once you get a more active thermosiphoning circulation, the entire circuit will be retaining more heat and your recovery time after a shot will improve.