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70 мм


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Wow Smo this is really fantastic!! Thanks thanks thanks!! All my doubts "cleared" 8)

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sleepyneedcoffee wrote: There are two offsets. The machine offset, value Ec in the service menu. That is 10 ...
Set Ec to 11. Leave the other one at 0. However, temperature miscalibration is not your problem.

Next step is to check the pressure. Put in the blind filter and compare readings at the group and pump, once the pressures have ramped up and stabilized. They should be within 1 bar of each other, and between 9 to 10 bar. There is a nut on the underside of the machine, center-right, that adjusts the pump's internal OPV.

If your coffee is over three weeks old, and a medium/dark or darker roast, that can be a problem. I don't know Verve, so I cannot say.
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Now that a few of you have the v3, I'm curious about your cold start up to brew time? Read that it's faster. My current machine is ready to brew in 8 minutes, steam in 10 minutes. I'm hoping that it's similar.

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The V3 was tested to be temperature stable at 20 minutes or 16 minutes with a few flushes. It's 2 to 3 times faster than most E61 machines, but not as fast as machines where the boiler touches the grouphead.


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Thanks. I believe I can live with the increase. Yes, the BDB has a saturated group, but I still flush before and between shots.
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So why would someone buy Bianca over one of the other options now that you can get flown control on pretty much any e61?


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I'm no expert on e61 machines but a couple of reasons to lean into the Bianca v3 for me is a much faster warm up. I'm not interested in any machine that requires 30 to 45 minutes before I can pull my first shot. Also...rotary pump, also low flow control through out the extraction.
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Beyond faster warm up time there are quite a few other advantages. Value for money (comes with flow control for the same price as other E61 dual boilers which don't) looks (subjective), programmable pre-infusion and low flow options; can be either plumbed-in or used with a water tank that can be placed on the sides or back of the machine; if the water tank runs out, the machine allows you to continue the shot.


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One could ask, why would one buy an E61 machine where the manufacturers have simply added a FCD over a manufacturer who has designed and modified the machine to work with the FCD as a basic premise?