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I have question for long time owners of Bianca. Do you use the pressure profiling functionality daily or after a while you just set the paddle in one position and don't "play" with it anymore?


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I've had my Bianca about two years and still use the paddle for each shot. Either dialling in a new roast, recreating a shot I'm happy with or just experimenting.


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I use the paddle with some beans and shot styles. These days I do a 6 bar shot, where I use the paddle for a low flow preinfusion until first drops.


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Yeah, me too on the pre-infusion. I hold it around two bar or so until I see some drops and then push it to nine or ten then back it off towards the end.

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I use the paddle to somewhat emulate lever shots. After the preinfusion and initial few seconds at 9 bar, I like to to throttle it back gradually so the flow reduces over the course of the shot. That way I can get a transparent flow at the end, indicating complete extraction, without too much volume in the cup.
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mipe wrote:I have question for long time owners of Bianca. Do you use the pressure profiling functionality daily or after a while you just set the paddle in one position and don't "play" with it anymore?
Depends on my mood. Had my machine 2 years and here's my general flow:

When dialing in a new coffee I'm 100% using the paddle. I do my standard max flow (6ml) start to about 3 bar pressure, then hold and bloom until drips, then rise to 8 bar (where I've settled on my max pressure). If the flow looks even and controlled then that's all I'll do. When this happens sometimes I'll note how long the bloom takes then I'll use the programmed preinfusion (say, pump on 5 seconds, off 5 seconds) to dial it in. This gives me a dialed in, repeatable shot you don't need the paddle for while maintaining true preinfusion since the boiler will maintain the 3 bar hold in preinfusion.

If the grind is off, I'll use the paddle to save it and make appropriate adjustments. if a lighter roast that likes to speed up flow as the shot progresses, I'll do 1 of two things:

1. I'll Do a standard lever shot where I move the paddle the whole time and do an liner decline of pressure/flow;
2. If my grind is perfect then actually all you need to do is set the water debit to around 10PM (2 or so ml/flow). What will happen is you'll get your perfect saturated preinfusion into your pressure peak with a natural decay of pressure that is mostly linear. Hands free lever shots.

Basically just experiment and learn. You'll get the hang of it and know how and when to make adjustments.


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Thank you all for your answers. I'm trying to decide wheter I want a machine with pressure profiling (Bianca, Decent) or not (Micra). So I was curious whether that is a feature that the owners use first month and after that they forget about it or whether it is something they use daily.


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I used a DE1 for 2 years prior to Bianca. I have been vocal that I do not like the DE1. I have made much better espresso from Bianca with next to zero wasted coffee (as opposed to pounds upon pounds of DE1 sink shots). I highly recommend either Bianca or Mirca. In fact, I've contemplated a Mirca myself as the more I use Bianca the less I rely on the paddle if I'm being honest. Mirca is a very nice looking machine that will have better and faster thermal adjustments when rapidly changing roast levels back to back shots that I find appealing. But I do love Bianca for the value and what it can do and I still get lots of compliments on it so it's not a bad looking machine by any means.

I think at the end of the day after 4 years of using profilng machines, the BIGGEST benefit of flow control is how great the forgiveness factor is when dialing in a new bean. It's order of magnitudes different. I am to the point if I don't nearly have it dialed in perfectly in 1-2 shots, then it's only 1 more and I'm there. They are super forgiving because you have total control over preinfusion on the front end and any mid/late shot adjustments on the back end. If you can plumb, then Mirca gets you there for the most part on the front in with line level preinfusion. And on the back end, unless you're an uber light espresso drinker, you're not missing anything material based on my experience.


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good info. i'm really debating myself on decent or bianca v3. 1k difference for me. i do want my wife to be able to pull a shot once in a while when i cant' do it. can bianca do that? can someone explain to me or know where i can find the info on the v3 on what it can do automatically? pre infusion, post infusion? pauses? etc. basically can it do a full profile shot like a decent when needed? i saw pre infusion and low flow mode. which happens first if both are set?


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A few questions:

- Is low flow mode proved to be better for pre-infusion than regular (high) flow? I tried both and can't say I notice much difference, other than low flow requiring PI to be a little longer until first drops.

- What's the recommended frequency for backflushing (with and without cleaning powder) if one uses a puck screen for every shot?

- Is there a way to quickly disable pre-infusion when backflushing? I think it's possible in some other Lelit models (e.g. the Elizabeth) but couldn't find such an option in the Bianca.

BTW, I stumbled across this extended version of the Bianca instruction manual (PDF), but it doesn't answer these questions. It's still well worth downloading, given that the manual that comes with the machine is so thin on info.