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3M stainless steel cleaner with a soft towel would be a better bet


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Update. I changed to another wooden knob. This time from Aliexpress.

I have upgraded the Bianca's water tank cover's tiny little metal thingy to a wooden pull knob.

Wooden knob from Aliexpress

The long screws came with the knob, so ignore them. Use the stock Lelit's screw.

The original Lelit's screw is a perfect fit for the wooden knob.

And the outcome:

The one on the left I bought from Shopee.
The one installed is from Aliexpress.

After removing the rust spot using a 3M stainless steel sponge, I used a spare Ti washer for the screw and a very thin stainless steel washer for the wooden knob.

Item link:
Colour: A25

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#1963: Post by slybarman »

can't say it ever occurred to me to change that, but it looks nice and matches well enough. For $5, why not?

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stumbled on this while searching for something else. hasn't seen these before or seen it discussed.

basically joysticks:



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Oh man just saw the black and white versions are up at Clive. So tempted to get this now. Let me reread this thread. Haha

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I descaled my Bianca this morning. I am on an every 18 months schedule. I could not get the liquid Puly this year at a reasonable price, so I used this one off Amazon which was cheaper and (best I can tell anyway) is the same acid. Seemed to do the same job based on the color of the water that came out.



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Did you also descale the steam boiler? If so, I'd love to know how. I personally use soft water so don't need to do it, but I am curious.

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#1968: Post by slybarman replying to boren »

just pull water/descaler through the steam boiler via the hot water dispenser.



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Matt black LELIT BIANCA V3!

The matt black's drip tray has a different design! Seems better than the other versions!