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#1841: Post by Jeff »

This is a head-scratcher for me. I would expect there to be a drop between pump/boiler pressure and group pressure when there is flow. There's a restriction in there ("by means of the resistance"). However, when there is no flow, one would expect the pressures to equalize.


#1842: Post by Smo »

In a coffee boiler, the temperature is usually above 100°C, which means that it has its own positive pressure.


#1843: Post by Soorj » replying to Smo »

The behavior is the same when the machine is just turned on and run cold. There is no material heat in excess of room temperature in the boiler at that moment.


#1844: Post by Smo »

Having solved this riddle, it will be possible to try to remake Lelit Bianca into a perpetual motion machine. :)


#1845: Post by Coffeebeanzzz »

Question for you all. Iv had my Bianca for about a year now and have just noticed the hot water wand only puts out a slow dribble when fully open. I don't really use the wand much and am ok without it but I'm worried it's clogged with scale and that this might mean that other more important parts of the machine might be affected. I was under the impression that I shouldn't be descaling but now I'm not sure. I have super soft water to begin with and put it threw an under sink water filter before the machine. Any advice on what to do? The rest of the machine seems to be running well should I just leave it alone?
Any advice appreciated


#1846: Post by Smo »

There should be no scale in this place, only steam and condensate, and they do not contain minerals.
Possible deformation of the gasket from inactivity.


#1847: Post by Coffeebeanzzz »

Interesting, can you tell me where said gasket is or how I might go about changing it? Also I don't understand why this would not be a likely place for scale. I was under the impression that the hot water wand attached at the bottom of the steam boiler, wouldn't this be a likely spot for scale to accumulate? Or am I missing something. I don't have a great idea what's happening in there


#1848: Post by Smo »

Sorry, I misread, I thought it was a steam tube.And in the hot water pipe, of course, there can be scale.
To begin with, I would drain the water from the steam boiler and use distilled water for several days, periodically draining a little hot water.
And if it doesn't help, then disassemble the hot water tap and clean or change the gasket.


#1849: Post by brentvdg »

Hi All - Apologies if this has already been covered, but I've been offline for awhile and can't believe how big this thread has become, and my searches have been futile.

I've had the Bianca for about 2.5 years and I've adjusted the paddle 2-3 times to be able to get it to completely stop flow. I tried this again yesterday and it appears the screw portion of the needle in the top nut broke (inside where the threading of the needle sits) so there's no longer a stop point......it just spins and spins, and the flow is no longer restricted.

I've pulled the assembly out, and nothing appears to be obviously broken......some metal shavings came out from the top nut and needle assembly.....so thinking this is it.

Have any of you had this issue, and is the fix the ~$180 kit from 1st-Line?

https://www.1st-line.com/buy/lelit-grou ... -grouphead




#1850: Post by macal425 »

I've had my Bianca for around 6 weeks now. I have been using Poland Spring Water but also using the included water filter. I am going to try the rplavis method with distilled water instead, so have a few questions for those Bianca owners that are also using the rplavis method.

1. 1st line advises against using distilled water, however, I'm assuming that they just mean untreated distilled water. Would that be a correct assumption?

2. Should I stop using the filter when using rplavis water? Or does it not matter either way?

3. Is there any downside whatsoever to using rplavis versus Poland Spring with filter, as far as longevity etc.

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (this thread or water threads). I'm still working my way through this thread and wanted to know from Bianca owners, rather than from other owners, due to the filter question.