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Rhinoevans wrote:Did you plumb it in?
Not yet - dealing with some leaks in my filtration/treatment system still so I haven't connected it to the machine yet.


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Yes. That fitting is machined properly.
The spherical face in the smaller hole forms a perfectly circular seal avoiding any imperfections... A spherical face in concave, half-spherical hole would be making contact only at whatever imperfection might exist and one other spot, it would be prone to leakage unless tightened down so hard as to allow any imperfections to distort the mating faces.


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I plumbed mine in and used the adapter in your photo. The hose ends and designed so you can move them to the desired direction and orientation before you tighten it and that locks it into place. I used some teflon tape on the adapter either side and have had no problems at all with leaks.


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JRising and sunnynights123 - thank you, that makes me feel much better.


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Oftentimes as I gradually open the paddle in order to reach peak pressure (after manual preinfusion), the needle (showing the pressure at the grouphead) can momentarily stop moving to the right, i.e., pressure at the grouphead momentarily stops increasing (the stop is very short - instantaneous). I was wondering if anybody knows why this is happening, e.g., what happens to the puck at that moment ?


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Hey guys,

I was back flushing and cleaning & lubing my Bianca today, after doing the lever cam, moved to flow control. Upon removing it. i noticed some green stuff on the sides and the threads and some white stuff on the "jet" i think its called?



which seems scale?? even though I'm using RO filtered water with hardness around 20-25 ppm as per the tester below, where TDS is around 120-140 ppm.


this scale seems affecting the flow control which making it impossible to close fully. should i be worried about the boilers? even tho the water is not hard as per the tester. I'm really confused.


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The Lelit bottomless portafilter has that narrow rim so there's a limit to the basket depth that will fit.

Has anyone tried it with the Pullman Filtration 876 19-22g basket, does it fit?


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I thought someone might be interested on this thread. I managed to counter sink my bianca into a dedicated and mobile coffee cart. the whole thing is fully plumbed and uses a 5 gal jug as a water source and a 3gal water jug for waste. it was really nice to use! i picked up a cheapish cart online and did some modifications.
Hope you like!

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Very cool! What is the pump setup to pull the water from the 5gal? I'm looking to buy a new home and I'm thinking a similar cart setup may be in my future


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I used a flojet and shureflo in line. From the shureflo, the pipe splits into 3, 1 feeding the biana, 1 the cup washer and lastly a small tap on the side to fill kettles.