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I had that little fitting on the front of the machine leaking into the drip tray constantly causing it to fill up over time. Here are the two suspects:

[Photocredit (annotated): Mrboots2u, https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/53820- ... drip-tray/]

But how does one reliably determine the culprit?

Here's the best way I found:
1. Obtain a pair of pliers, preferably needle nose.
2. Pinch the hose coming off either the vacuum breaker or the pressure relief valve.
3. Wait for a few (2-3) seconds.
4. Release the hose from the pliers while observing and listening for a sudden rush of steam.

If you see or hear a burst of steam rush out after you release the hose from the pliers, then that particular component between the hose and the boiler is a source of the leak. If no steam is observed, it may be useful to hold for longer than 3 seconds as indicated in Step 3 to be sure that component is not leaking.

The worst offender was the pressure relief valve. This is quite disappointing given that pressure relief valves typically do not actuate except during a failure mode. The vacuum breaker also needed to be replaced after cleaning it did not stop it from leaking, though it did seem to help.

Part numbers and links:

MC9700050 Safety Valve (pressure relief valve) for Lelit Bianca
https://www.1st-line.com/buy/mc9700050- ... it-bianca/

Lelit MC9700052 Vacuum Breaker Valve
https://www.1st-line.com/buy/lelit-mc97 ... it-bianca/

Hopefully this helps someone someday.

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#1542: Post by BruceWayne »

I've finally got my setup with an SEP fully working. It's using a splitter and Cafelat Robot pressure gauge, but now I don't need to have my phone around all the time when pulling shots. :)

I might try to figure out if I can use my Lelit gauge. I didn't think there would be enough space for it and the SEP, but there appears to be enough clearance.


#1543: Post by luisma »

Great thread, I'm about to pull the trigger on a Bianca, my other option is the Vetrano 2B, apparently the Vetrano is a great machine and lasts a lifetime, the Bianca has a lot to offer though ...
Any advice?

Team HB

#1544: Post by Jeff »

Welcome to H-B!

I'd ask in a separate thread as it's easier for others to find as well.


#1545: Post by luisma »

thanks, already purchased


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I just bought a Bianca, loving it so far! Here's what's going on.

When I turn the machine on, during warm up, I get dripping, and intermittent steam (20 seconds or so) from the small valve in the back. Then it mostly stops. While the machine is on, I get a drip from the valve about every 15-30 seconds - I can't find anything about this in the user manual.

I know many people have had issues with the little valve at the back leaking - and I just wanted to check and see if my machine is acting normally, or not?

Ok, thanks for your time! :)

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All the drains are connected to that outlet. The steam is from the vacuum breaker of the boiler, and you should see it for about 15 seconds max. If it runs longer, your vacuum breaker is sluggish. The water drips are from the OPV on the brew boiler. I get regular drips after pulling shots as the brew boiler reheats. I don't get a stream or a lot of water, but like a dripping faucet, and only on the initial warm up and after pulling shots.
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#1548: Post by lukeap69 »

That is normal on my Bianca everytime the steam boiller heats up from start or eco mode.


#1549: Post by Smo »

Sasachaz wrote:I get a drip from the valve about every 15-30 seconds - I can't find anything about this in the user manual.
There is still a lot that is not written in the user manual.
Using hot water tap to manage steam boiler water concentration
Be sure to decide on the water you will use.


#1550: Post by nicksubs »

I ordered a Bianca on 10/4 from 1st-line and received it yesterday, 10/12 (kudos to 1st-line for the quick shipping). Unfortunately, the frame was damaged in shipping. Both the outer carton and inner carton look totally fine though. Any ideas how this could have happened?

I assume I definitely need to get this replaced yeah? I called 1st-line and they are working on filing the claim with Fedex, but I'm concerned this is going to be a long drawn out process and I already sold my other machine. :shock: Any one know how long this whole replacement process takes? My espresso-less wife is really concerned..