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#1471: Post by slybarman »

cybernation wrote:Hey,
I just received my new Leila Bianca and followed the start up instructions to the letter. Unfortunately I realized that there are a lot of black particles in the water from the hot water spout. I continued to draw water from it but the particles didn't disappear. Only when turning the machine of and kept draining water from it the particles became less. Unfortunately as soon as I turned it on again the particles appeared again.
Did anyone encounter this before? Are those metal particles? Since the machine is new it shouldn't really be scale?
Any feedback is appreciated.
Brand new machine, probably some crud grew from water sitting in the boiler. I would run 4-5 reservoirs of water through it and see if it doesn't clear up.


#1472: Post by slaughter »

Got my brand new Bianca two weeks ago. Till now very happy with it. Huge improvement from my Sage Barista Express

One question regarding stock baskets. Mine had this basket Lelit by IMS

Is this in your machines as well or they upgraded them in their latest version? Mine was produced on March 2021.

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#1473: Post by slybarman »


Mine does not. I would call that an upgrade because none of the prior baskets handled an 18g dose well.

Shape of yours is much better.



#1474: Post by tinay09 »

Hi! i about to get my Bianca (tomorrow) and would really like inouts on power draw.

-Has anyone tested the max power draw? 220v units
-Would the 2 boilers work at the same time or one after the other since both boilers are 1400w each.
-I'm in the Philippines and concerned if I need to do anything special on my powerline to get the Bianca working.

i'll bebusing the same outlet Ive used for the Barista Express - as per spec sheet its 1500w

Lokking forward to anyone reply, help would really be appreciated


#1475: Post by Smo »

They will work one by one don't worry.


#1476: Post by Smo »

My correspondence with lelit support:
I know you have a water specialist.
Can I use distilled water + NaHCO3 40 mg / l?
in our opinion, it's better if you use 80 mg/l instead of 40.


#1477: Post by tinay09 »

Hi. I would like to get your inputs about my Steam gauge, I got my Bianca yesterday and the steam gauge is a bit off 0 when off or if there's no more pressure inside. Is this something that would warrant a replacement? Or am I being overly OC.
It's a lot of hassle having to return at the same time, I'm a bit sad that I paid a lot of for it and it's not perfectly seated at 0.

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another_jim (original poster)
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#1478: Post by another_jim (original poster) »

I've had six machines with steam gauges; 4 never returned fully to zero. Didn't affect their accuracy. Unless it's doing a number on your head, it isn't worth fixing
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#1479: Post by slybarman »

LOL. In two years, I've never once really looked at mine when it was off. Now I'm afraid to.


#1480: Post by Smo » replying to slybarman »

You have not yet checked your sette 270wi with a calibration weight. :)