Lelit Bianca Rattling Sounds

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#1: Post by darian »

Hello all,

I've recently noticing some rattling sound on my bianca, not sure if it has always been there, but now notice. I am not sure if these sound should be concerning or expected, but usually the rattle happens on my first shot. Some people have told me that it might be the drip tray, so this morning right before my first shot I decided to record it.

Holding the drip tray down seemed to have reduce the initial rattle while the machine was building up pressure, but after it was at 2 bars on the grouphead, there was some sound. In the video below you can notice the sound as I moved the flow control, which was coincidentally when it was at 2 bars of pressure.

Subsequent shots didn't have this rattle, even when moving the flow control pedal. Any experts in this matter?