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jfjj wrote:Where is the water tap nozzle?
The fat bottom part of that tap should unscrew from the wand, and has a screen inside that can get clogged. It probably has no flats to get a wrench on so must be unscrewed by hand. Now that yours is flowing you're probably OK if you can't get it unscrewed.

jfjj wrote:It's due to be replaced soon but almost thinking to switch to rpavlis water. Going to look to see if it's cost effective to do that. Walmart has distilled water at $.97/gallon, and I would say I'd go through a gallon per week.
If that works out it would do a nice job of solving both your scale and your chloride corrosion issues.

jfjj wrote:How often should I run the hot water and for how long?
Here's a post with some info related to that: Using hot water tap to manage steam boiler water concentration
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Thanks, I will take a look. The tap is clean, I did clean that when I was troubleshooting the wand itself!
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WLL said using distilled water acts as a solvent and will dissolve or eat into metals. Is that true?