Lelit Bianca accidentally left on for 3 days- did I hurt it?

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#1: Post by PJT »

So I cannot believe this happened, and sooo not a great way to return from vacation. We were gone for a week, and mid week, my father used our house as a crash place to sleep for several nights, as he was helping a friend paint in town. I have my Lelit Bianca on a WIFI WYZE plug, and it is right next to the kitchen light switch. He must have hit it at some point when coming in and turning on the lights, as when we arrived it was on, and I know for sure we checked it prior to leaving. To my best estimate, it has been on for 3-4 days, and standby mode is turned off. I checked and it looks like there is still water in the reservoir, so that is good. Do you think I am ok or could it have caused some damage? Arrrgh!!

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#2: Post by Porcupine »

I used to have a Bianca and I left it on for about a year, never shut it down and never had any problems with it
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Probably just cost you an extra $1 or 2 in electricity, I wouldn't worry about it :)

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#4: Post by Nunas »

Some folks never turn their espresso machines off, except for maintenance. Don't worry...be happy :wink:

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#5: Post by hankbates »

I bought a Livia 90 from a guy who would buy one from Pasquini, plug it in, and leave it on until it stopped working.
When that happened he would unplug it and set it in his basement, and buy a new one. He got an average of four years from each.
I don't recommend this approach, most stopped because of a minor issue, but one melted its relay and made some insulating materials smolder, filling the kitchen with smoke, no other damage. That machine is running now, with a "few" items replaced.


#6: Post by elkayem »

I often unplug expensive appliances (computers, TVs, stereo, espresso machine) before leaving the house empty for a few days, just to alleviate my paranoia about power surges. This would also fix the risk of your smart plug turning on your machine while you're gone. I came into work once (mid-90s I think) to discover that a freak power surge destroyed most of the computers and CRT monitors on our floor. This was triggered by a transformer explosion next to our office building. Fairly rare, but I figure why take the risk when embarking on a long trip.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback and reassurances! My first shot back this AM as I settled down for the dreaded "1st day back from vacation email slog" tasted great and everything running fine, so looks to be all ok. Man did it give me a scare however!

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#8: Post by slaughter »

You should enable sleep mode in the longest time possible just in case of accidental power on s. In any case when I leave for vacation I pull the plug to avoid any issues.

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It's protected every which way and it never ran out of water.

If you don't have one already, invest in a smart plug where you can monitor and turn the machine on or off from anywhere and one that will send you a notification anytime its status changes.

We use our espresso machine smart timer to turn on and off lights while we're away instead of the espresso machine. If the light's on - the espresso machine has to be off!
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