Lelit Anna just came up on my radar. Gaggia Classic/Silvia killer?

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I'm not longer in the market for an espresso machine, but just came off of a suped-up Gaggia Classic. As I'm perusing HB an ad for the Lelit Anna popped up. I hadn't heard of this model before, so I decided to see what it was.

It's a single boiler with PID and sells for around $700. It not only has a PID built in but has an 8oz brass boiler with 1000w heating element and all the standard features of the competition, the Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Silvia. Neither the GC or Silvia are offered with a PID, though one used to be able to have a PID installed on the Silvia at the retailer.

Though I had installed a PID on my GC, stable temperatures were an issue because the boiler was so small, 100mL. I should have opted for the Silvia back 5 years ago. But the Lelit Anna seems to have everything the Silvia and GC have- and more. I know that there was an earlier version without the PID, but that one never came up on my radar either.

I thought I'd just put it out there for those who are considering their first budget single boiler espresso machine. Seems like an interesting option.

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For the people who insist on using tap water, it's a better choice than a Gaggia Classic.
It can be descaled more aggressively.

It is nowhere near the quality of a Silvia, just compare the steam valves or any of the fittings, but price-wise and with the PID included, of course it needs to use inexpensive parts.

According to the salespeople, there needs to be a machine in every price-point.


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I'm not in the espresso market too (for now) but this machine looks really good. Don't love the design (very shiny) but is a machine and not an appliance, so that's good I think. I guess I saw this machine in a video comparison from Hoffman but he was using an old model without PID.

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The 250ml saturated 57mm group works just fine for traditional Italian roasts pulled with traditional Italian double dose (14g). Moving beyond that involves compromises/modifications/techniques that you won't have to do to the same extent with the Silvia and its 300ml non-saturated boiler/group or the many, many machines using variations of the integrated/'ring' 330ml-400ml boiler/group.

(Some manufacturers measure boiler capacity with the element installed, and others measure capacity without the element. That makes little to no difference on a larger machine, but on boilers of this size, it makes a difference for marketing as the element can displace around 50ml. Caveat emptor.)
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Do not know about Lelit Anna, but Simonellis Oscar has always been a Silvia killer near the same price. At least here in Europe. An the water is something I'd never would change from tap to anything diy-technical stuff. But we have decent water here in Finland. Some bottles it and sells as "fine dine-water" No wonder Nestle wants to steal our water ;-)

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Not sure why, but an Oscar II is about 80% more than a Silvia in the States ... the Oscar is at the low end of E-61 pricing.
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