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Hello! New here and learning a lot about espresso. I recently upgraded from a Breville Cafe Roma to the Lelit Anna 2. I've read through the manual, did the initial setup as outlined on the guide it came with and watched videos. But I noticed that I missed some steps on the first few days of use since I owned the machine.

1. I didn't know that each time I turn it on, I have to let water run through the steam wand first. i only did this on the initial setup.
and 2. i didn't know I have to do the same step every after steam mode.

I've used the machine again since realizing my mistakes and it seems to be working fine. However, it still makes me think if I did any sort of permanent damage to the machine because of missing those steps.

Thank you all!


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The purpose of topping up the boiler is to make sure it's not heating up with the heating element exposed to air/steam. The heating element has to be submerged in the water inside the boiler so that the heat can be conducted away from the element efficiently. Since the steam wand receives its water from a valve at the top of the boiler, you can check that the boiler is full by opening the valve, running the pump and seeing what comes out. If water comes out, obviously the boiler is full to the top.
So. If you didn't finish the previous day's coffee machine use by steaming milk for 90 seconds or opening the steam wand and letting water out without refilling it or anything, then your machine is fine. The water is trapped in there unless you open a valve or let it out somehow. Running the pump with the valve open just to top it up and see that it's full is a good idea, though.

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Thank you for that informative response. I think the machine is working fine (fingers crossed).