La Spaziale S1 timer app v1.2 has been released!

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Greetings all! New (Dec 21) Lucca A53 owner here. One of the few frustrations I have had with my A53 has been that the advertised bluetooth capability to communicate with the machine and preset a start time has not worked. My understanding (email w Miami office) was that the problem was with communicating with iPhones and that Android devices were ok. Well I'm an iPhone guy and it simply didn't work. Specifically, the app would crash when trying to sync the time between the phone and the A53.

v1.2 appears to have fixed all that! The clock set fine and I ran it through a couple of dummy cycles with good results! Still kinda clunky so here's a couple notes:
-I found it best to turn off the timer switch in the app before setting the time and programming the slots. After programming is complete, you can turn it back on and go back and check the times if you wish.
- don't forget to press "apply" at the bottom of the screen after setting your preferred times for on/off.
- on/off activation is not instantaneous! Don't be disappointed when the second hand passes 12 and nothing happens. Give it a few seconds.
- Would be nice if you could cut/paste your schedule for the entire week but I did not see this functionality so I had to program each day separately.

Anyway...WOOHOO!!! Now my machine will be waiting for me when I get up!

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I recently ordered a La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II from Chris' Coffee and have downloaded the app in anticipation of its arrival. Based on Scace data I've seen, it looks like the machine benefits from an hour of warmup before pulling the first shot.

roadrog (original poster)

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Yep, an hour works well for me. The group is pretty toasty by then and the steam boiler is up to temp as well. BTW, been running a 5-9 morning schedule flawlessly since my initial post.


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Where can I download the app ?



roadrog (original poster)

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HI Joe,

I got it on the Apple App Store. It's labeled "S1 Timer".