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I would start at the reservoir. Take it the filter/softener if it is still there (should have said this last night!). Over the sink, use something small to depress the valve and check water flows out.

Try again with boiler fill procedure.

If still no joy, at least you can be fairly sure the pump is getting water.

After that I am a bit unsure - I disconnected the hose that runs out the other side of the pump off and ran it which primed my pump, then reconnected and was good to go. As others have said it could be the valves in the vibe pump being stuck, I can't help with that one other than forcing water through could free them up.

If you post to S1cafe you will get better tech support and usually responses are pretty quick.

Cheers Ben

brisbane87 (original poster)

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Thanks. I disconnected that hose (the one wrapped in a coil?) and water just poured out of it. That'd seem like water is getting to the pump fine?

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It sure sounds like it. Have you retried the initial boiler fill procedure since? If that doesn't work, my limited knowledge is exhausted!

Cheers Ben

brisbane87 (original poster)

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Yup...thanks for the help, though!

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I don't know the internals of this particular espresso machine, but generally speaking, the refill route to the steam boiler is reservoir -> pump -> solenoid valve -> boiler. The steam boiler via a controller calls for water when the water level sensor (a bare metal rod) fails to sense ground. If the pump runs on startup, the steam boiler is calling for water. If it keeps running and water is flowing, the boiler will fill with water to the top and flow out the vacuum breaker.

Since that didn't happen in this case, water isn't reaching the steam boiler. Fortunately the controller apparently turned off the pump to avoid burning it out, but keep in mind that if the heating element is exposed, it may melt. I would disconnect and tape over the leads going to the boilers until the refill problem is resolved (needless to say, unplug the machine before sticking your hands in any electrical appliance -- don't just turn it off, UNPLUG IT).

Based on what you've described, the pump isn't moving water. Repairing a ULKA vibratory pump offers helpful diagnosis steps. My guess is the pump's suction check valve is stuck or possibly a priming valve is stuck (Pump? OPV? Check Valves? Wit's end! elaborates on this possibility).
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The reason for the turkey baster is to force water into the pump to try and get it started. If you can get a hose attached to the input to the pump, use the turkey baster to try and force water into the pump. If that works and it starts pulling water out of the baster, you should be able to hook it all back up and that problem should be cured. As someone else mentioned you can replace the pump or take it apart, clean it and put it back together. Never did it with an Ulka but used to take apart and clean the one in my Baby Gagga. Just pay attention to the springs and the order the little pieces come out so you can put them back right.


brisbane87 (original poster)

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Fantastic, the turkey baster method worked! Bought a hose adapter and wider silicone tubing at Home Depot and eventually the pump took it after a few tries.