La Spaziale replacement steam wand

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Hi all, I have a single group that I purchased with a wholesale coffee co. Unfortunately, it came without a steam wand. I can't find a model number anywhere and having problems locating the part. Looking for suggestions.

Thanks, Ron

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Can you post a pic of the machine? Or of the socket where the missing steam wand would go?

I'm assuming it's a Vivaldi or a Dream, the very common LaSpaz machines, they all share the same exact steam wand.


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Try Chris coffee; they have lots of spaziale stuff 8)

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Thanks, I think they were out of stock.......

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please see photos, thanks!


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I have a Quickmill and wanted an uninsulated steam arm -- the LaSpaziale fit fine --- so I think they're somewhat interchangeable. Espressoparts lists a LaSpaziale SS arm with tip on their website -- looks like the one I have.

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I would have to guess that that's a picture of this "217" style of valve.

It would go with the 7546 style of Steam Wand.

The 7546 doesn't come up in a parts search on Chris Coffee's site, it may be hard to get, but perhaps call Chris Coffee.


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Looking at the diagram I can't tell if the steam arm has a swivel -- if it doesn't then my recommendation may be bogus -- I am only familiar with swivel types. Calling Chris Coffee is a great idea -- their techs are excellent. It often helps to ask for whichever tech is most familiar with the make of machine you're calling about.

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Very helpful! Any idea what the model number for the machine might be?

Thank you!