La Spaziale Rapid New Ek2 not heating

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I got a free La Spaziale Rapid New Ek2 that had some missing parts and leaking problems, the boiled had some water in it when I got it so I didn't need to connect it to a waterline. I fixed the leaking problem and cleaned the whole machine since it was clogged, it was heating up and pumping water without any problems.

Today I connected it to the water tap and turned opened it up all the way, I didn't see the water level rise so I started looking around and found a valve that was closed, when I opened it up you could hear the water flow in very rapidly and the boiled filled up in couple seconds.

After that something tripped and it's not heating anymore, it is turning on and the pump seems to be working when I try to pull a shot but no water is coming out. I tried looking for a safety switch but couldn't find any, I had a similar problem with my Rancilio Silvia a while ago and that fixed the problem. I also tried adjusting the pressure switch but nothing changed.

Before I filled it up with water I could hear a relay switch on a few seconds after turning the machine on but that's not happening anymore.

Is there a safety switch on this machine or did I break something