La Spaziale: Lattés not Hot

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I have a two year old La Spaziale Dream. On the whole, I've loved it! Sure there are annoyances: the user interface is awkward, the 53mm portafilter limits your options, and grind makes a big difference with the semi-automatic features. But my shots are just a bit quicker than my last machine, and that helps to make my mornings a tiny bit easier!

Lately, however, I've noticed that my lattes are just lukewarm, and I'm not sure what the cause is. The steam pressure isn't quite what it was when the machine was new 2 years ago, yet it's still OK. I'm guessing the problem is with the steamed milk, since that's by far the greatest volume. The temperature settings on the machine haven't changed of late: the coffee is set for 201º and the steam boiler is set at 242º. I could raise the boiler temp setting, but I don't recall lowering it.

Any ideas on what I should be troubleshooting? Could there be a connection between the lower steam pressure and the lukewarm temperature? Thanks for any advice!

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The dream doesn't "automatically" stop steaming/heating the milk at a set temperature, you can heat it to whatever temperature you're aiming for.

If your steam is "cutting out" before you want it to, then something is wrong. Can you describe why the latte isn't as hot as you'd like? Is the steam "running out", "turning to liquid water", or is the valve not staying open, what? Or is the shot brewing too cool? If you put your thumb in the coffee-stream under the portafilter, does it hurt a bit?

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Could also be scale in the steam boiler which could reduce the speed of recovery, assuming you are suffering from anemic steam versus when the system was new. Since the heating element is caked in scale, it cannot recover as fast so the steam goes flat after a few seconds.
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