La Spaziale Dream Descaling Issues

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I own a LS Dream (direct plumb) and having a bear of a time priming it for a descale. I drop the braided line directly in the citric acid solution and it gives me an error message; I believe it states "no water detected"?

I've done my Cimbali Jr twice in the past several years, both times without a hitch.

I've contacted the place where I bought it many years ago and they were somewhat helpful, but very short with me on the phone. I am very mechanically inclined and beed turning wrenches for the past 40+ years.

Things I noticed early on was, first I had to turn off the pre-infuse. That was definitely causing premature loss of pressure. That did work for the group head, but keep getting the error message on the boiler. I've drained the entire boiler, as I was instructed to do, to kick the boiler pump in, and to no avail.

I've worn out my welcome at the shop I bought it from, so I am reaching out to the HB community for any tips and tricks you can provide. I am open to any and all suggestions. At this point if I am not successful, I'll simply reassemble machine and not full descale.

Many thanks in advance and Happy and Healthy New Year to All!!!