La pavoni machine found. Help!

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I am setting up a studio in a warehouse by my home and needed to clean out a ton of stuff. I found this old la pavoni machine. I haven't tried to set it up and run it but wanted to get an idea about the story of this model. It's a la pavoni p/sei and it's beautiful. Can anybody tell me when this is from? Should I try to hook it up and run it? Does anybody recommend a company that can service it in the Fairfield county CT area? Any info would be great thank you!

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Crossroads espresso (first in the bay area then in Eugene) was the sole importer back then,
it's what a early 90 or so??
the label should tell you,
it is a manual style similar to e-61 grouphead (parts inside a little different) therefor the control box should be the least expensive to some levels,
however be careful in dumping $$$ at it,
inspect boiler/scale situation, remove pump and motor to see if they are froze up before trying to run it and go from there.
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