La Pavoni Europiccola and Water Temperature

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Has anyone here ever tested the temperature of the water coming out of your la pavoni? Reading online ideal espresso range is roughly 95c. Today I tested mine with a meat thermometer. First pull once my machine hit 1 bar of pressure water was 70c. After holding up the lever letting water run through for a while to the point my machine was hissing and steaming quite a bit I was only able to hit 80c. u can see in the picture the group sticker is hitting 110 while thermometer is only hitting 80. here is a frame showing group head heat strip showing 110c and thermometer for water showing 80c heres a quick video link will expire in 2 days

i found this video
and he basically has the same results... but i thought ideal espresso temp is roughly 95c?

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The simple answer is the water that brews the coffee is still under a lot of pressure pressure at the top of the coffee-prep (puck). The bottom of the puck is of course open to atmosphere, so all of that energy is lost to the boiling/evaporation and expansion of the liquid as it passes that final restriction to flow (the coffee prep).
Generally when the roasted says "this should be brewed at 94C" that refers to the temperature that the water is hitting the coffee prep at 9.5 Bar or whatever pressure it is at that point.

1) Reading the temperature of the water at atmospheric pressure outside of the machine won't give a reliable figure for what the coffee prep is brewing.

2) The meat thermometer probably isn't fast enough to get a very useful number.

However. If you consistently brew good coffee and measure the temp of the coffee in the cup from time to time, just to know what the temp in cup is when you've succeeded, then you at least know why your coffee is tasting sour when the in-cup temp goes down 4 degrees.