La Pavoni Domus Bar pump working but won't pour coffee

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#1: Post by Alistair »

Everything was working fine except the group seal was shot so I changed it. Once everything was back together the problem started...

Machine turns on fine and first light comes on as expected. Once its heated up to pour coffee, second light come on. Pour coffee and the pump runs but no water comes out. Flip the third lever to heat it up for steam and then try and pour coffee and the water runs, allowing you to pour a coffee (not ideal as its too hot etc.)

Not sure why it won't pour. It heats up fine, pump is drawing water and sounds like its running but nothing is coming out.

This has happened before and it was an electrical connection to one of the switches that had come loose which i reconnected and it worked fine. Can't for the life of me figure out what I've done!

Does anyone have any suggestions of what the problem might be?

Most grateful for any advice.