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It's almost like La Pavoni's Botticelli machines don't exist on the Internet review forums. Why is this so, and is there anyone able to comment on the build quality and materials used in Botticelli Specialty ... specialty/ ? Specs suggest that it is similar to the many other E61s, but maybe there are major differences underneath the hood?

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Pavoni, in the home market, is known for building good manual lever and inexpensive, basic pump machines. They have no track record at all building pump machines for hobbyists. The Botticelli is an imitation of the Lelit Bianca and other double boiler E61 machines with flow control. So they are competing with the inventor of this control, Lelit, as well as with very well established manufacturers like Profitec, ECM, and Rocket, who all make the same machine at the similar or lower prices. So I have a hard time seeing anyone greeting this one with anything more than a shrug.
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Thank you. That helps and clarifies.