La Marzocco's New $4500 Linea Mini

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#1: Post by uscfroadie »

Today La Marzocco debuts its newest machine, the Linea Mini. Definitely looks familiar...but much smaller, and with only a 175ml (6 ounce) brew boiler. And for those of you with only 110v 15 amps available, supposedly both boilers will run full time on under 15 amps.
La Marzocco Linea Mini - First Look


#2: Post by LukeFlynn »

I'm melting.. I'm.. going to have to sell a kidney or something to buy this sexy little machine. :( $4500... I'm pretty sure that's the cheapest new machine LM offers. :o

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uscfroadie (original poster)

#3: Post by uscfroadie (original poster) » replying to LukeFlynn »

Yes, it is. If you shop around you can buy the GS/3 AV for $5700 and the MP for $5900 or spring for the Strada modified for $6200. MSRP prices are much higher, but no one I know pays full MSRP. Who knows, with an MSRP similar to that of the Vesuvius, which had a street price of $3800 according to those that inquired on "best price", that might be the target price of this machine once vendors start selling it.

Looks like this little guy has an analog controlled PID similar to that used on the Dalla Corte Mini and Super Mini about 7 or so years ago (edit: confirmed by Dan a few posts down to be a potentiometer) and a pressurestat for the steam boiler. With a 3.5 liter steam boiler, it should smoke all prosumer machines in steaming.

Time will tell if this is a winner...

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#4: Post by canuckcoffeeguy »

I already want one! Always liked the commercial versions in cafes. Simple, no frills, unpretentious workhorses you can count on. And it looks great.

Only dislikes are the cumbersome, imprecise sounding PID control and the faux paddle control. I'd prefer the standard clickity-clack brew switch. In terms of price, this competes with the Vesuvius which has profiling capability. But the Linea mini gets things done without any fanciness.

Mark at CG says it's already available on LM USA's site. But I don't see it there.

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#5: Post by HB »

canuckcoffeeguy wrote:Mark at CG says it's already available on LM USA's site. But I don't see it there.
According to Scott Callender @ La Marzocco USA, their Linea Mini page will go live this morning. I'll update this thread with the link when it does.
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#6: Post by boost »

They did a good job scaling down a Linea look that would look great at home. The metal exterior looks good quality. Only the small indicator light that looks out of place. They should just do square indicator light like on the Linea.
I'd really like to see the back to back temp stability though with that size boiler


#7: Post by LukeFlynn »

I would think it would land on LM Home.

I won't be buying one anytime soon, I just bought a Major.

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#8: Post by AssafL »

Looking at the pictures of the inside of the machine - all the components should be familiar to owners of a GS/3.

Seems like they kept the "all commercial parts" inside and just dumped some expensive stuff which made the GS/3 expensive and expensive to maintain (like the $500 Gicar controller, the $100 flowmeter, the water mixers, the paddle group and also reduced the size of the coffee boiler).
Heck - just getting rid of the Gicar controller makes servicing this thing much less expensive! Also, getting rid of the mixers means getting rid of a considerable pile of check valves which sometimes get stuck open after 5-6 years.... At $50 a pop that is massive cost and repair savings.

Keeping the 3.5 liter boiler means milk based drinks will not slow this baby down...

GS/3 has always been an overdesigned, overkill machine for the home (but extremely joyous to use! Love mine). The Linea Mini with an improved (perhaps aftermarket?) PID control and (possibly) re-sequenced pre-infusion (for line level pre-infusion) has the potential to be a real killer for the home.
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#9: Post by admcptch »

Based on Mark's Instagram comments, it seems his scheduled post went off early and that's why his review is up before LM has it on their site.

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#10: Post by HB »

uscfroadie wrote:Looks like this little guy has an analog controlled PID...
canuckcoffeeguy wrote:[Mark Prince] only dislikes are the cumbersome, imprecise sounding PID control and the faux paddle control.
CORRECTION: It's a potentiometer ("pot") controlled by a knurled wheel tucked under the left upper edge that adjusts the PID; Nicholas elaborates on the details here. The review of the Linea Mini starts today after lunch with a blast-from-the-past reviewer. I'll be riding along to provide color commentary and geeky stuff like temperature reproducibility measurements.
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