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#171: Post by Travisimo »

With the parts of the paddle group, different compared to other traditional LM paddle MP group heads,

Q: Do we know if the faux paddle group will need suggested manufacturer o-ring replacements scheduled similar to the GS/3 1 year, etc. or is it simpler without the maintenance of the paddle rebuild?

Thanks for a great review btw.


#172: Post by boost » replying to Travisimo »

This is just faux paddle, not mechanical paddle, only engage the switch. Sits on top of the brew group, nothing inside the brew group.

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#173: Post by Filletfellini »

lagoon wrote:Is that 21" with or without the portafilter in place?
Most likely without..

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#174: Post by tohenk2 »

I saw this machine at the shop of the Dutch importer. I liked it, but at the same time -as it was standing close to a GS3- was thinking: no way. I'd rather buy a GS3 (not that I really want to at this point in time). And that was solely based on looks since I'm convinced the quality of the espresso is good enough for me (more than good enough - if that's even possible). The tech of the thing was more or less explained, and that only reinforced my feeling.