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#11: Post by Bikeminded »

Nice looking machine. The paddle-to-microswitch seems a bit gimmicky, but just an opinion.

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#12: Post by HB »

HB wrote:I'll update this thread with the link when it does.
And voila:
La Marzocco Home wrote:born from a classic: Bring home a machine inspired by an espresso icon. The Linea Mini is a kitchen-sized version of the Linea Classic, a machine loved by thousands of professional baristas and the heart of your favorite cafés. The Linea Mini looks as beautiful as it performs, ready to serve for years to come.
You'll be hearing a lot more about the Linea Mini on HB starting today: La Marzocco Linea Mini Review.
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#13: Post by malachi »

If you have questions about the machine, feel free to ask them here.
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#14: Post by LukeFlynn »

IMO, They need to ditch the all stainless trim and go back to the black trim.

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#15: Post by HB »

In addition to polished stainless steel, it's available in black, red, and white. Here's the press photo of it in black:

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#16: Post by canuckcoffeeguy »

Anyone know if it has preinfusion?

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#17: Post by yakster »

The Sprudge 1st look states:
The machine has a familiar paddle switch to engage the group head, which features pre-programmed pre-infusion (one second on, one second off). Temperature can be altered using a click-wheel located on the side.
Clive Coffee is already taking pre-orders: Intro Linea Mini

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#18: Post by rbh1515 »

I sold my GS3 just in time!! That looks like a very cool machine!

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#19: Post by SonVolt »

Maybe it's just me, but for that amount of money I'd like something that at least looks like it cost $4,500+. IMO it looks cheap and a bit clumsy.


#20: Post by cmin »

I know the brew boiler is fed by h/x from steam boiler, but under 6oz boiler for $4500?!? The stainless looks good, the black and red version have a cheap look to me.