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Anyone have experiences with La Marzocco / Tasmanian Freight shipping? To date, I've received 0 shipping emails for the 3 orders I've placed direct through LM (GS3, accessories, and customizations). I've only seen tracking since I've checked my order statuses daily.

The machine has shipped (6/1) so I gave Tasmanian freight a call (6/2). Spoke to a super nice man who indicated the machine should be arriving in my local metro 6/5 (earlier than the estimated 6/8). He indicated that they hand it off to a local freight forwarder and they (local company) will give me a call to schedule delivery. Okay, great!

Reading through some experiences on the forum, some people have seemingly had their machines just "show up" unannounced. So I decided to give Tasmanian another call a couple days later (today, 6/4) to see who the local company will be. The lady who answered mentioned that their system was being slow so she couldn't see BUT she very clearly indicated it was _Tasmanian_ that is supposed to schedule delivery, not the local company. I've now got a delivery appointment for 6/6, 11am-3pm.

Going to give them a call back tomorrow to confirm this and hopefully their system is working and can provide me the local company. Anyone else have an experience like this? I wouldn't be as worried if I wasn't going out of town at the end of the week!


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My LM Micra shipped a few weeks back and saw the expected eta. I called them the day prior as no call and they setup delivery via Fedex. It ended up being fine but was expecting a little communication and might have but took it upon myself to make sure.

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I've received LTL shipments and my experience is "it depends".

Some freight shippers have residential-friendly deliveries and will bring it to your garage (no stairs). Others are less amiable and consider anything beyond liftgate delivery at the discretion of the driver. The freight deliveries are not like FedEx, UPS, or Amazon deliveries: The truck is filled with big, heavy items and the dispatcher/driver aren't necessarily well-informed on precise delivery timelines (e.g., their prior delivery could take 5 minutes or an hour, they cannot say).

When in doubt, call.

I start with the freight company, and if they're not helpful, I call the shipper, since the latter can ask for the shipping companies involved to track it down, something the dispatcher may or may not do over the phone. The online lookups, in my experience, are only rough estimates. Most carriers will agree to text you the day of delivery when they're 30 minutes out. But there are exceptions. I've asked for a heads up prior to delivery and gotten home with a pallet in front of my garage. At least it wasn't raining. :roll:
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Took matters into my own hands! Called Tasmanian and got the name of the local company. Reached out to them and they confirmed the delivery date as provided by Tasmanian the day prior. Inquired about local pickup and they said that was perfectly fine as well. GS3 on the counter 2 hours later and no longer have to worry about a rogue pallet dumped somewhere in my apartment complex!

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That is a very attractive color combo!
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