La Marzocco posted a countdown timer

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#1: Post by KyleDrinksCoffee »

Not sure if anyone else saw this...

But la Marzocco posted a countdown timer of 21 days until the release of the app that connects with the home machines.

Pretty exciting!!


#2: Post by thoang77 »

I saw that this morning. Definitely read it as a 21 hour countdown at the time. 21 days is way longer than what I had originally hoped, haha.

I'm curious if the GS3 will have any connectivity


#3: Post by ConFlatExp »

i was wondering how the app will work without any hardware changes or will there be hardware changes too?


#4: Post by okcomputer »

Cool - been holding off on a machine purchase until I see what this is all about. Should be adjustable pre-infusion on the Mini? Can anyone say what the benefit of being able to extend the pre-infusion time would be (with the way that the mini delivers the pre-infusion)?


#5: Post by cupoframa »

Spoke to LM rep. Here is their direct response on when/if IoT (pre infusion and app connectivity) is coming:
All machines produced after November 2019 are IoT-ready meaning that, at no extra cost, you will already have the new hardware.
The mentioned functions will be made available only once we will have launched the control app.
However, no matter when this will happen, you won't have anything to do but downloading an app and connecting your machine.


#6: Post by KyleDrinksCoffee »

cupoframa wrote:Spoke to LM rep. Here is their direct response on when/if IoT (pre infusion and app connectivity) is coming:

This is HUGE. Thanks for clarifying this.


#7: Post by RikC »

Awesome, keeping an eye on this!

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#8: Post by dsblv »

Note that LM says the app only works for machines manufactured after November 2019. These machines must have a new controller board with new software and Bluetooth connectivity. LM hasn't released any details of an upgrade kit for older machines.


#9: Post by gui0312 »

Is this the reason I've been hearing the LMLM is backordered? I am trying to put an order in but two different resellers have told me backordered until Feb 21st.

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#10: Post by dsblv »

It's likely. Backorders are common when a manufacturer comes out with a new version. You may want to be sure you're getting the latest version Mini if you're placing an order now.