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#11: Post by cf »

Where is the countdown timer posted? I'm not finding it on their site or social media feeds. Thanks!


#12: Post by KyleDrinksCoffee »

It was on their Instagram story. Not sure where it went now...

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#13: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Like Mission Impossible it's gone up in smoke!
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#14: Post by blondica73 »

It was there yesterday, it's gone now.


#15: Post by RikC »

I'm curious btw; if the IoT is mainly some extra features like preinfusion and shot timing which can be retrofitted at typical LM prices...

If it's just that I'd rather spend the money on upgrading to a awesome grinder.

If it also brings a standby function it's a whole different case. I typically leave my machine on 24/7 and with electricity prices where I live that would earn itself back rather quickly I expect.


#16: Post by Ajwalter89 »

If it's true about the after 11/19 I'm going to be pretty disappointed. Mine was made 11/19 and I specifically asked them if there was going to be a redesign and they told me not until late 2020. I had this discussion and bought my mini on 12/16/19. They did say it could be retrofit but wouldn't be right away and who knows what the price will be.