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Building upon my previous statement.

I had my LMLM for over a year before I got rid of it. It is a beautiful machine no doubt but the lack of ability to control variables such as pre-infusion had its drawbacks. Some beans pulled incredible shots on the machine, others needed more adjustment that I was unable to make with the Mini to pull a really nice shot. The ability to make these adjustments on the BDB makes it a machine that far over delivers for its price point.


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Good info. I was/am close to buying an LMLM but I figured I'd try to find a used BDB locally on the cheap to see what I can do with it, considering its a fraction of the price. I'm not much into the looks of the BDB but it's value for feature set and mod-ability is very appealing.

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You will not be disappointed with the BDB I can almost guarantee it for what it delivers in price and performance.


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Titus promoted his Linea Mini Gear Pump profiling kit in Instagram today:
titusgrinding@instagram wrote: Linea Mini with Strada gear pump.
This just needs the final dial under the potentiometer.
Adjust one pressure or go the whole range.
Kit includes
Genuine Fluid'o'tech series geared pump and motor, genuine LM hydraulic circuit components, custom electrical components, integration wiring loom, custom mounting bracket and a engraved stainless reference dial.
Potentiometer controlled gear pump system. The system allows the freedom to adjust extraction pressure during any stage of the extraction time. The espresso can be adjusted manually via the potentiometer, changing the flavour characteristics, balance and acidy of the final espresso. The configuration also allows the user to set the machine at a constant pressure for a series of espresso's, ideal when calibrating the grind to achieve the "perfect" extraction yield and extraction percentage of any coffee. The retro fit kit can be installed and ready to use in 1 1/2 hrs, only one hole needs to be drilled for the potentiometer. The electrical components are internally surface mounted using magnetic pads and the geared pump is mounted to an unused upper boiler threaded boss. Each kit will include a step by step installation guide.
in one of the comments he says it's ready to order.


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myso wrote:Titus promoted his Linea Mini Gear Pump profiling kit in Instagram today:

in one of the comments he says it's ready to order.

The LMLM from Titus looks awesome and I am sure it will deliver for whoever ends up snagging it


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Hi there,
are there any new updates/ experiences from long time users about the coating/ color reliability of black or in particular red LMLMs out there? I am still unsure which color to choose or if I should stick to a stainlees steel one...because in a local shop I saw two red Minis which had crippled/ small dots of white (coating?) under their red color, looks like the red color had been scratched off too easy?
Thanks so much!


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I've had the black one for two years and it looks like new.

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Same here - almost two years and mine looks as good as new.
Nick H.


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In regards to plumb-in kit...
Any one here can share his experiance whether the standard water reservuar tends to hit the water inside it,causing the water to loose of its taste?

This is the only reason I can think of in favour of the plumb in kit , especially if I am not planning to open a cafe or a cart... :roll:


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I don't foresee the reservoir water going stale as you'll go through it pretty quickly.

However your doing yourself a disservice if you are writing off plumbing in at home, plumbing in is pretty common here on HB for home applications and it's one of the best things you can do that increases the user experience factor.