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nuketopia wrote: So there's this need for pre-infusion that's been claimed, "... with very light acidic roasts..."

I just asked, name the coffee. I'll buy some and see what I can do with it.

So which coffee do I try to see if I'm somehow limited by my LMLM?

I got friends with expensive PI machines, Slayer's and Vesuvius and a friend with a whole collection of levers. All fun stuff.

Name the coffee, I'll go try it.
This feels like Groundhog Day. Just take a few lightly roasted coffees and try pulling shots with them on both your LMLM and on a friend's profiling machine. Report back.

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Enough already. Can you guys please move your discussion about light roasts to a separate topic? It'd be nice to return this thread to its regular programming.


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Would it not be possible to fashion a needle valve adaptation to stock linea mini (similar to Jake's GS3 AV w/NV)?
I am not well informed with the hydrolics of the machine but I saw that the water feeding the group exits the semi-saturated boiler goes thru 3way solenoid valve and enters the group.

So how about a custom machined extension part made of stainless steel or brass (depending on corrosion status) attached between group/boiler and solenoid valve?
The custom part would have the same mating surfaces as the 3 solenoid parts on inlet and same mating surfaces as the group/boiler on the outlet.
You would put the needle valve on the boiler to solenoid side and you could put a pressure(/temperature) measurement device on the solenoid to group side (unless there already is a pressure gauge in the hydraulic circuit after this point).

Would the constraints of the LMLM not allow such modification?


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I think this has been done before. If you google the Coffee Machinist (Rick Bond) you will see some of the mods he has done with the Mini. I've linked a few below. If you look through his instagram he has a few videos showing the modification. Website where he has some details about the mod.

He is in Australia. I haven't heard of anyone in the US who is offering a mod like this yet.


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Just so everyone knows... ^^^This^^^ is NOT the same as what Jake and I have on our machines. It is essentially a "two speed" mod... high and low. What we have is fully variable. From zero to full open and anywhere in between.

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Yes, good point. That Mini mod does have a needle valve but it is not moved during the brew process. It can be adjusted but not on the fly.


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I can not for the life of my achieve the same quality in cup on my LMLM as my local shop gets with a Linea PB with true pre-infusion. Same grinder (mythos clima), same water (literally), same coffee, same temp (as best as one can do with that), same dose, same PF, same extraction, same time, etc.

Granted I'm not the same person and he's a pro and does it 12 hrs a day. So there are still variables, but I'm holding out that 3 seconds on at low pressure, and 3 seconds off is the magic ingredient to his smooth, fruity, flavor-full shots vs my not as smooth, not as fruity, sometimes otherworldly tasting shots.

That's about as close as a comparison I can make scientifically... if I had never tasted his, then I'd probably also think my shots were incredibe...


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It's a different machine - so perhaps different technique will yield what you're looking for?

Where do you feel the LMLM's results are lacking?


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In 3 month from now I would be a proud owner of a LMLM.Purchase order has been placed..I have to say this thread is quit impressive and I read it through.
The LM is not my first machine but I do have my doubts regarding a few issues..
As an overall package there is a real question regarding its value for money.Many home espresso machine in half that price can present better features and I believe better espresso,although I would like to believe that in some magical way LM will surprise me in the cup.I know it dosent make any real down-to-earth sence.
I do hope that one day LM will provide an effortable preasure profile kit to all of us so we can drink our espresso and fly to heaven in peace. :D
From what I feel and read this machine is aimed for a specific market (the intensive marketing campaign in the media,the operating simplicity for the untrained user,the price,the tradmark....) you get me...this is also a red light for me..

For the past 10 years I was quite a happy owner of a VBM Super Dommobar HX.
With only a single OPV fix and a scale treetment.
The list if issues listed in this thread is
quite disturbing for a future LM owner, but I know this is the only machine I wanted to upgrade too.
I didnt experiande any of the isses mentioned in this thread in my old machine.
Finally ,I do hope a very very decent espresso will come out of this lovely machine.
Love you all keep on posting


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Had a LMLM and sold it...picked up a BDB modded it thanks to insight from these forums and can tell you the BDB for me at least produced a better shot 99% of the time