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Yes... ¼". Works great. I put it about 2" from where it connects to the reservoir. It's a really well made connector... fits snuggly and of course no leaks or drips for over 2 years.


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Jaroslav wrote:I think it would, yes. I'd go with the linked 70 Duro (pack of 4, perfect match to replace all 4 mounts). Their sorbothane is allegedly unmatched in absorbing vibrations, there's a really good chance this will be the perfect replacement. I've no way of getting these to Europe any time soon, but so far the silicone gel I've used as a temporary solution works really, really well.

Thanks. Order placed.

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#1893: Post by Jaroslav »

Jshot wrote: Thanks. Order placed.
Lucky you! I'm really curious how it goes. If they work as good as the silicone pads, I'll pay. Even if it's freaking 100€ for four little studs :roll:


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Unfortunately they are not tall enough. The isolate it is 12.7mm H and the stock appears to be around 16mm.

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#1895: Post by Jaroslav replying to Jshot »

Ah crap, I hope you're able to return them. The stock is 14mm, really didn't think ~1mm would make a difference.

But I think you could use a 2mm washer on top of each stud, it shouldn't affect the dampening effect of the sorbothane.


#1896: Post by Jshot »

1/8" difference. Isolate it doesn't make a washer that would make up the difference. Would have to find something else. Edit: Found sorbothane washers. Should have them later this week.

Also, the area around the lower mounts is more cramped than yours. Extra component on the floor next to mount. May have to remove it to unscrew old mounts.


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I inadvertently did a stress test on my LM this morning. I am using "fake plumb-in" mode -- plumb-in enabled and using the reservoir with preinfusion. I have not been concerned about running dry because it's my habit to top off reservoir every evening, and I usually pull only 4 shots daily, so the risk is minimal.

Anyway, through a combination of factors which included forgetting to fill the reservoir last night, I pulled my first shot of the morning with a low reservoir. 5 second preinfusion, 5 seconds until first drop, 25 second pour. When I stopped the pump, the red light went off and the blue light remained illuminated. I thought at first that maybe there was a glitch with the auto on/off function, so I pushed the pump lever to "on" position briefly, but the lights remain unchanged. I then checked the water level -- it was indeed low, between the two sensor electrodes but above the pickup tube. After refilling, all seems fine.

So, it seems that there is a safety mechanism to prevent the pump/boiler from going dry, but I'm confused what that actually is. If the reservoir water level sensor is deactivated, what triggered the boiler to shut off? It was not the 60 second limit, as my total shot time was 35 seconds. And what exactly are the safeguards that I'm defeating (beyond a flashing blue light warning) by enabling plumb in and using reservoir? It does seem that something prevented me from wrecking my machine.


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Jake_G wrote:You can tell the app you are plumbed in and enable preinfusion even if you are still running off the reservoir.

In early firmware, the water level sensor was still enabled and relied on a physical jumper across the sensor springs if you removed the reservoir from the machine. This allowed users to enable preinfusion using pressure generated in the preheat loop and maintain the internal safeties that shut the heaters off if the reservoir were ever run low on water.

Subsequent firmware updates have disabled the reservoir water sensor when plumbed in, eliminating the need for a physical jumper, but also eliminating the safeties afforded to users who were using steam-powered preinfusion.


- Jake

Hi Jake,
My previous post was mostly directed to you, but I neglected to include your quote.
I hope you can end my confusion! :^)


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Hi everyone
I am relative new to HB. Posted on the lever forum few weeks back as I picked up a used La Pavoni as a restoration project. But I recently found a used LMLM that fit my price range and secured it ! It's a 2018 model. I am very excited!!

I finally pulled my first successful shot after owning it for a week as I was dealing with a leak at the group head. Replaced the gasket and still a leak. After while I think it was the portafilter and my lack of strength locking it in. I used another portafilter and torque it on harder and there seemed to be no leak so far!

But I did a closer examination at the group head today and noticed a small dent. It looks like it's from the fin of a PF but a very small one ? I posted a picture. Does yours have this dent ? I wonder if this is the cause of the leak...

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#1900: Post by malabargold »

I think the Linea Mini came out in 2015...This sounds suspicious