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#1781: Post by Jaroslav »

iploya wrote:Thanks Jaroslav. I am a new user and was wondering if anyone had come up with any useful parameters on the Pre-Brewing feature. Indeed, my app allows up to 10s as well so I will try this.

EDIT [wipes eyes, cleans glasses, allows time for the previously ingested coffee to do its magic]...I just realized this was for the mini not micra...BUT...I still want to try these settings. Hopefully the benefit is good on either.
Yeah! I've pulled another few shots, really good results. I still prefer shots without the pre-brew, but this is a notable improvement over the 5s limit.

I should mention my Linea has a 0,6 gicleur, results will be different with 0,8.


#1782: Post by DarrenJones »

Jaroslav - first off, thanks for all the useful info you've added to the thread. The reservoir/preinfusion was quite a game changer for me, getting me a lot closer to the sweetness I've been seeking. :D And I'm installing a .6 gicleur later this week.

Secondly, how do the Pre-Brewed shots compare to Pre-Infusion shots?

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#1783: Post by Jaroslav replying to DarrenJones »

That's alright, good luck with the installation! :wink:

I've only pulled a few shots with the reservoir preinfusion and found the shots were always out of balance, sharp, didn't like it. I'm not sure whether it's as effective as it would be with a proper, higher mains pressure. The shots I've pulled with prebrew were enjoyable right away, I think the extended parameters are exactly what it needed. I now find prebrew to be the better option if you aren't plumbed in, but I'm also curious what your experience will be.


#1784: Post by DarrenJones »

Jaroslav wrote:That's alright, good luck with the installation! :wink:

I now find prebrew to be the better option if you aren't plumbed in, but I'm also curious what your experience will be.
I followed Wowa's video and did the .6mm gicleur installation yesterday and and very happy with the resulting changes. Between the reservoir preinfusion and the smaller gicleur, I'm having the sweetest espressos I've ever made and I've been doing this for 6 years: 4 on a La Pavoni and the last 2 on this LMLM.

In recent months I was becoming frustrated at my inability to get anywhere near the sweetness that I've enjoyed at so many specialty coffee shops in the last few years. I upgraded my Niche to a Monolith Flat Max which yielded some clear improvement but I was still not where I wanted to be. Then I upgraded the LMLM's firmware and ios app and followed the tips in this thread to enable preinfusion and BOOM I was close! Now that I've added the gicleur, my morning capps taste like they have a couple grams of sugar in them and I am beyond happy. I'll be experimenting with prebrew soon too, so thanks to all the great info here!


#1785: Post by idrinkjetfuel »

Although they matched the gauges, the white knob inserts were just too lackluster. I considered painting them silver, but went with red which is close in color to the LaMarzocco emblem. If I get tired of it, I have plenty of goo-gone :D


#1786: Post by OK31 »

Making me feel like I should have waited for them to fix the stainless sourcing issues and sacrifice the price for it but alas the black one I shall keep.

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#1787: Post by Jaroslav »

Just a heads up, there's a new "Nordic Limited Edition 2023" version of the Linea Mini. I think it looks very nice!

Should be available via soon.


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#1788: Post by Jaroslav »

Hi again!

I thought I'd share how I've silenced the driptray rattling/buzzing (mainly buzzing) on my Linea Mini. I suspect this is due to either the drip tray grid being bent. but it also has a lot of play when placed on the drip tray itself.

There's also a small gap on the left side. I saw this on a few Linea Mini's already. I actually don't mind, it makes this DIY fix work even better.

Right (before):

Left (before):

Centre (before):

I found four of these U-shaped edge protectors (or whatever they are) in my drawer.

I had to trim them a bit so that they don't stick out from under the grid. I placed two on the front side of the tray and one on the side with the gap (left). The gap allows for the piece on the left to fit perfectly without being obstructive, the grid has no play at all and sits very firmly, all the buzzing and rattling from the drip tray is gone. The grid now makes a satisfying click when placed on the trip tray. Cleaning these is easy, easier than having some sort a foam tape or silicone/rubber stickers.


Left (after):

Centre (still has a small gap, but isn't obtrusive)

This doesn't stop the vibrations making their way on top of the tray, but that's now a 95% quieter Linea Mini combined with the magnets for cup tray I've posted earlier. Rattling of the drip and cup trays were my only issue with this otherwise flawless machine, now solved.

I'm sure there are many other ways to go about solving this, but you can still give it a try.

I hope it helps!


#1789: Post by c_one »

Hi everyone,

sorry to ask a question which has been probably asked before > do anyone actually measured the LMLM consumption using the brew boiler only? I do own an HX machine which consumes like 6kW daily (up to 8-9kW in winter)...but im using it for like 4-8 shot per day...morning and takes ~45mins to stabilize...never using steam...i have read that LMLM fully powered takes like 1,4kW to get "warm"...and then like 0,4kW/hour (every next hour getting better) so i guess the pretty much the same...however using mostly the brew boiler only might change things a bit...honestly i really like the LMLM since the first sight and since im always struggling with the mentioned HX all the time (not struggling to get the right output, but always some kind of parts, service...temperature, pressure issues...leaks...etc. f.e. today i have found that i've been brewing ~6bar shots thinking they are 9bar :D) im kinda searching for an argument to do the purchase :) i do still miss some features i'd like to have for this i do always look for some new features/LMLM iteration just to finally pull the trigger...on the other side the HX even with all the issues costs a fraction...i do also keep a 2nd one (bit older but basically the same) selling both will be like getting a 1/4 to 1/3 of LMLM price...and also getting a bit more space in my storage room...i was thinking about some other models, but GS3 seems a bit too much complicated and dont like the look as much...also a slayer etc., but i feel i have a soft spot for LM after all :)



#1790: Post by OK31 »

Has anyone observed a first flush purge air? LM suggested there's some air buildup in the exhaust and to do weekly puro flushes which I do. Wondering if it's something more.