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#1691: Post by Jshot »

Got it! So, in step 4 when you go back into the app you now are able to only turn on preinfusion.



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We really need a "like" button here-- very cool Jaroslav!

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Use the "Thumbs Up" button to mark a post as helpful.
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#1694: Post by Janika79 »

I tried it and could turn on the pre-infusion without disabling the water sensor. However for me the pump turned on for a short time and then stopped instead of just opening the solenoid valve only. It was more like the pre-brewing function. Did anyone experience something similar?

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#1695: Post by Jaroslav »

Haha, hilarious how we haven't tried if it actually works! It doesn't work for me. The pump runs just like it would with both Plumb-In and Pre-Infusion settings turned off. Anyone else?


#1696: Post by Zoobee replying to Jaroslav »

weird i just tried it and it seemed to be doing a pre-brew type thing like Janika said, starting and stopping. boo :cry:


#1697: Post by Zoobee »

my bad, sorry everyone.


#1698: Post by Jshot »

Thanks for trying! Appreciate it.

I went back to plumbed in (on) and preinfusion (on) set to 5 sec and I like it. Since I regularly check the reservoir, I shouldn't run into trouble.

I just wonder if LM at some point will make this a feature. Great possibility there.


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I just think it bears repeating for our Micra compatriots that if they run a shot without water they wiil wreck their machine. From what LM told me it's a little less dangerous for Minis due to the different group. But be careful folks!


#1700: Post by Jshot »

Good advice/warning to be aware of.

I'm in the habit of topping off the reservoir each morning and pull four shots a day. That has kept me from dealing with the dreaded blue light flashing during a shot.....