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#1651: Post by Jaroslav »

flip wrote: Hmmm, there doesn't seem to be much difference. The custom one has 6 holes instead of 4, has an o-ring and is also flat (which does actually help since it sticks out less).
The holes are closer to the head of the newer screw, but I've no idea if that actually does anything.

"We discovered that by just moving the position of the holes on the Diffuser Screw we can have an even distribution of water on the Shower Screen."

I think both of the mentioned 6-hole screws are an interesting mod, curious why La Marzocco doesn't produce their own 6-hole diffuser screw.

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#1652: Post by OK31 »

Ok so good I've decided a no burn wand doesn't make sense but here's another silly question - is it and if so how can I drain the tray without plumbing water? Move the water tray out and place elsewhere?

Edit - as part 2 of this question if I were to plumb it to a flojet would that be considered plumbed for purposes of the preinfusion or does that have to be true line pressure from house?


#1653: Post by Jrodanapolis »

Jake_G wrote:Sorry for the delay!

There is actually a valve on the left side of the brew group for bleeding! (Or for draining... if it's up high, it is for bleeding, down low for draining.) The brew solenoid is actually mounted quite high in the group, so it may be designed to bleed itself when pulling the first few shots from dry.

That said, I'm curious why your plunger failed. Did you remove the entire solenoid valve? I wonder if you don't have a damaged seat or some grit in the valve body.
My turn for the late reply!

I haven't tried purging the brew group yet, but can do so tonight to see if that might help.

I think my plunger was old and had been sitting in the "closed" position for about a year and a half before I started using it daily, so it may have just gotten damaged where it normally seals? I'm debating just getting a new brew solenoid as this one is starting to give me an audible buzz upon starting the brew process.

My last thought is that I need to tighten the diffuser and replace the gasket for it to stop the water leak that happens ~30 seconds after the shot is stopped (parts 6 and 7 in the parts diagram below). I could be totally wrong about this one, but it's the only thing I can think of at this point.

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#1654: Post by OK31 »

Howard Alan Treesong wrote:

I have the low profile legs and rail from Pantechnicon. I considered the 50mm, but the 25mm appear more in balance.
Where did you get that shot mirror?

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#1655: Post by OK31 »

Jaroslav wrote:Honestly I don't care where it's from as long as it's good quality and looks good. Grafikus legs looked the best for me on pictures, but all these legs that are available look sort of thin in person. I thought about getting the shorter Pantechnicon legs (black) instead, but maybe I'll wait until someone makes PB-style legs (or maybe even go as far as having these custom made). Having the machine 50mm off the bench feels amazing. Oh yeah, the cup rail grew on me immediatelly and I never took it off. The machine looks funny without it now, as if it was missing a forehead or something.

The cup rail is made by Artpresso Design. In my opinion the best looking cup rail you can get for the Linea Mini.
Just pulled the trigger on the black grafikus liftoff and the black artpresso rail. Kind of excited and yet concerned. Pics to follow

Oh and if that wasn't enough got a Weber shot mirror Tis the season.

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#1656: Post by Jaroslav replying to OK31 »

That's cool! You could've let me know, I still have the 50mm legs and am selling them because I no longer use them. I've listed them for sale here, nobody bought them and it got marked as sold after a while. But the rail is really nice, I can't imagine my Linea without it.

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#1657: Post by OK31 replying to Jaroslav »

Oh bummer sorry I did see it as sold when I looked. You should repost it, never know with holidays.


#1658: Post by Alestz »

has anyone ran into connectivity issues via the app? there is a blue banner stating the machine is connected to the app but functionality is limited - limited in that the app only allows remote turn on/off and nothing else (cannot change temperature, start flush cycle, schedules, etc)


#1659: Post by Zoobee replying to Alestz »

I believe that's the way it is when not on the same wifi network (like connecting from a different location, for example).


#1660: Post by bbeaton »

I posted this in the Mirca thread w/r/t Pre-Infusion on a machine running from the reservoir, but it feels relevant to post here as well.
I just tested pre-infusion on my LMLM running off the reservoir, and although you can enable PI in the app, no water comes out the grouphead. The timer starts in the app, but nothing comes out of the group for the pre-infusion time you set in the app, then the pump ramps up to full pressure. In my experience with the LMLM, there is no functional PI available on the machine running off the reservoir, even though you can enable it via the app.

Pre-brew on the otherhand works flawlessly, which will run the pump for a defined time at 3-bar, then shuts the pump off for a defined time, then ramps up to full pressure.
EDIT 1: removed 3-bar comment, I was remembering text from the app screen and confirmed that 3 bar was an example given in the pre-infusion section, not a spec for pre-brew. I don't know what the pressure during pre-brew is.

EDIT 2: Thank you Jaroslav and Zoobee for the comments and input, I was wrong. The LMLM does indeed have PI as long as you power the steam boiler on and let both boilers reach full temp. I usually only turn on the espresso boiler, since I don't make a lot of milk drinks. My original post outlines that behavior: if PI is enabled in the app and the machine is up to temp with only the espresso boiler, then there will be no pre-infusion, and the pump will turn on after the set time. The steam boiler needs to be on for the machine to generate the pressure used for PI. Sorry if this has been discussed before. I read a lot about the machine before buying it, but apparently not enough!