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#1441: Post by Jaroslav »

EagleRock wrote:Linea mini new app update was in show in WOC
Sweet, thanks for the heads up! Any mention of barista lights settings?

Ahmad H.

#1442: Post by Ahmad H. »

Great news.

any idea when they will launch this update to existing machines?

Howard Alan Treesong

#1443: Post by Howard Alan Treesong »

EagleRock wrote:Linea mini new app update was on show in WOC, an automatic cleaning feature, disable steam boiler and of course the updated Pre brewing if you have the machine plumbed.
Hmm, how exactly would an automatic cleaning feature actually work? Presumably instead of having to operate the paddle at x intervals, with a blind basket in place, forgotten how many cycles, but a few I would imagine, the automatic feature would do this without the need to operate the paddle?


#1444: Post by EagleRock »

They said that they are putting the final touches on the app so it should be out soon, havnt seen any mention on the lights.

The cleaning works as a guide interface, you need to put the blind basket and open the paddle once and the machine will do 5 automatic back flushes, we have the same feature on the Strada at work.


#1445: Post by exidrion »

Why can the Breville Dual Boiler do programmable preinfusion using a reservoir but the linea mini can't? Not trying to be snarky, genuinely curious.


#1446: Post by Ypuh »

Noticed on Lego Ideas that with a bit of support, we can make owning a Linea Mini's more affordable for everyone.

You can vote for this idea on ... 9a5146d830

I don't want a Decent


#1447: Post by stump007 »

The Lego is very cool! Definitely supporting this :D

Is there a way to change the 60s extraction limit? Sometimes I'd like to try a shot beyond 60s, but then the machine automatically stops.

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#1448: Post by mwebber » replying to stump007 »

Not with the current version of the app. Hopefully, this is a feature that will arrive with the new app update, especially since the line level pre-infusion will facilitate longer extractions. Has anyone heard anything about an approximate launch date?

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#1449: Post by OK31 »

Has anyone had this happen: taking out the PF from group head I turn the handle and it doesn't come out almost like the group head spins with the PF. Hard to explain. Only thing I can think of is it spins past the slots?


#1450: Post by thecoffeefield »

This happens to me all the time and I believe it has to do with the stock group gasket. It's made out of rubber and not silicone so with heat, the portafilter basket gets stuck to it. Replace with a silicone one if possible. For the price we paid for these machines, they should have come with silicone gasket from the factory.